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Advanced Vehicle Technology (2nd Edition).pdf      04-Jan-2022 16:39      8M
Automotive Chassis (2nd Edition).pdf               04-Jan-2022 16:38     14M
Automotive Computer Controlled Systems.pdf         04-Jan-2022 16:38      7M
Automotive Quality Systems Handbook.pdf            04-Jan-2022 16:38      3M
Competition Car Suspension.pdf                     04-Jan-2022 16:39     45M
Diesel Engine Reference Book.pdf                   04-Jan-2022 16:39     54M
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems.pdf               04-Jan-2022 16:32      1M
Electronic Navigation Systems (3rd Edition).pdf    04-Jan-2022 16:32     17M
High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel  Cells.pdf       04-Jan-2022 16:38     12M
Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals - J. He..> 04-Jan-2022 16:39     50M
Lightweight Electric Hybrid Vehicle Design.pdf     04-Jan-2022 16:38      8M
Modern Engine Tuning.pdf                           04-Jan-2022 16:38     53M
Monitoring Diagnosing Efficiency Catalytic Conv..> 04-Jan-2022 16:38      9M
Racing & Sports Car Chassis Design.pdf             04-Jan-2022 16:39     32M
The Automotive Chassis-Engineering Principles.pdf  04-Jan-2022 16:39     14M
The Motor Vehicle (13th Edition).pdf               04-Jan-2022 16:39     19M
The Science Of Formula1 Design (2nd Ed.).pdf       04-Jan-2022 16:40    301M
Tyre Vehicle Dynamics.pdf                          04-Jan-2022 16:39     15M
Understanding Automotive Electronics (5th Editi..> 04-Jan-2022 16:39     17M