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[   ]2D and 3D facial correspondences via photometric alignment.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 3.0M 
[   ]3D Constrained Local Model for Rigid and Non-Rigid Facial Tracking.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 2.9M 
[   ]3D Sound Design and Technology for the Sensory Environments Evaluations Project- Phase 1.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 204K 
[   ]3rd International Workshop on Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE).pdf2022-09-16 23:19 271K 
[   ]2002 Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) Laboratory for Human Behavior Model Interchange Standards.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 26M 
[   ]A Basis Illumination Approach to BRDF Measurement.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 3.3M 
[   ]A Cell Phone Based Platform for Facial Performance Capture.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 2.4M 
[   ]A Cognitive Odyssey- From the Power Law of Practice to a General Learning Mechanism and Beyond.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 164K 
[   ]A Common Ground for Virtual Humans- Using an Ontology in a Natural Language Oriented Virtual Human Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 165K 
[   ]A Common Ground for Virtual Humans- Using an Ontology in a Natural Language Oriented Virtual Human Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 218K 
[   ]A Commonsense Theory of Mind-Body Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 698K 
[   ]A Comparative Analysis between Experts and Novices Interacting with a Virtual Patient with PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 727K 
[   ]A Comparison of Alternative Parse Tree Paths for Labeling Semantic Roles.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 624K 
[   ]A Comparison of Retrieval Models for Open Domain Story Generation.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 473K 
[   ]A Computational Model of Culture-Specific Conversational Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 208K 
[   ]A Computational Model of Dynamic Perceptual Attention for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 1.2M 
[   ]A Computer Model of the Interpersonal Effect of Emotion Displayed in a Social Dilemma.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 191K 
[   ]A Cultural Decision-Making MOdel for Negotiation Based on Inverse Reinforcement Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 267K 
[   ]A Cultural Decision-Making Model for Virtual Agents Playing Negotiation Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 161K 
[   ]A Culturally-enhanced Environmental Framework for Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 1.3M 
[   ]A Data-Driven Approach for Classification of Subjectivity in Personal Narratives.PDF2022-09-16 23:15 1.3M 
[   ]A Data-Driven Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Interactive Storytelling.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 142K 
[   ]A Decision-theoretic Approach to Adaptive Problem Solving.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 498K 
[   ]A Demonstration of Dialogue Processing in SimSensei Kiosk.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 907K 
[   ]A Demonstration of Incremental Speech Understanding and Confidence Estimation in Virtual Human Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 350K 
[   ]A Design for a Smartphone-Based Head Mounted Display.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 5.2M 
[   ]A Detailed Study of Word-Position Effects on Emotion Expression in Speech.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 101K 
[   ]A Discriminative Nonparametric Bayesian Model- Infinite Hidden Conditional Random Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 62K 
[   ]A Domain-independent Framework for Modeling Emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 560K 
[   ]A Dual Light Stage.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 2.8M 
[   ]A Framework for Emotions and Dispositions in Man-Companion Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 638K 
[   ]A Framework for Locally Retargeting and Rendering Facial Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 2.8M 
[   ]A Game of One’s Own- Towards a New Gendered Poetics of Digital Space.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 779K 
[   ]A Graphical Rethinking of the Cognitive Inner Loop.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 188K 
[   ]A Historical Perspective on Authoring and ITS - Reviewing Some Lessons Learned.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 27K 
[   ]A Host-Based Real-Time Multichannel Immersive Sound Playback and Processing System.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 90K 
[   ]AI's 10 to Watch.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 3.9M 
[   ]AI Grand Challenges for Education.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 679K 
[   ]A Language for Modeling Cultural Norms, Biases and Stereotypes for Human Behavior Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 633K 
[   ]A Lighting Reproduction Approach to Live-Action Compositing.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 24M 
[   ]A Lightweight Intelligent Virtual Cinematography System for Machinima Production.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 2.4M 
[   ]A Low-Complexity Dynamic Face-Voice Feature Fusion Approach to Multimodal Person Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 199K 
[   ]A Measurement-based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 8.1M 
[   ]A Median Cut Algorithm for Light Probe Sampling.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 3.4M 
[   ]A Mixed-Initiative Conversational Dialogue System for Healthcare.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 1.9M 
[   ]A Model for Incremental Grounding in Spoken Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 262K 
[   ]A Model of Compliance and Emotion for Potentially Adversarial Dialogue Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 40K 
[   ]A Multi-label Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Cross-Domain Action Unit Detection.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 375K 
[   ]A Multimodal End-of-Turn Prediction Model- Learning from Parasocial Consensus Sampling.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 417K 
[   ]A Multimodal Predictive Model of Successful Debaters or How I Learned to Sway Votes.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 1.3M 
[   ]A Multisite, Randomized Clinical Trial of Virtual Reality and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Active Duty Soldiers with PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 239K 
[   ]A Near-Optimal (Minimax) Tree-Structured Partition for Mutual Information Estimation.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 181K 
[   ]A New Generation of Intelligent Virtual Patients for Clinical Training-ABS.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 926K 
[   ]A New Generation of Intelligent Virtual Patients for Clinical Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 257K 
[   ]A Photometric Approach to Digitizing Cultural Artifacts.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 1.5M 
[   ]A Planner-Independent Collaborative Planning Assistant.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 283K 
[   ]A Platform for Building Mobile Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 24M 
[   ]A Practical and Configurable Lip Sync Method for Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 4.3M 
[   ]A Probabilistic Multimodal Approach for Predicting Listener Backchannels.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 492K 
[   ]A Real Time High Dynamic Range Light Probe.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 49K 
[   ]A Reranking Approach for Recognition and Classification of Speech Input in Conversational Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 151K 
[   ]A Robust Harmony Structure Modeling Scheme for Classical Music Opus Identification.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 158K 
[   ]A Semi-Supervised Learning Appproach to Online Audio Background Detection.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 3.6M 
[   ]A Shared Modular Architecture for Developing Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 207K 
[   ]A Simple Method for High Quality Artist-Driven Lip Syncing.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 1.6M 
[   ]A Single-Shot Light Probe.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 500K 
[   ]A Study in How NLU Performance Can Affect the Choice of Dialogue System Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 344K 
[   ]A Study of Emotional Contagion with Virtual Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 720K 
[   ]A Tactical and Strategic AI Interface for Real-Time Strategy Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 169K 
[   ]A Taxonomy for Deploying Redirection Techniques in Immersive Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 152K 
[   ]A Utility-Based Approach to Intention Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 327K 
[   ]A Virtual Adolescent Patient with PTSD for Training Psychiatrists.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 149K 
[   ]A Virtual Human Agent for Assessing Bias in Novice Therapists.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 79K 
[   ]A Virtual Human Agent for Training Novice Therapist Clinical Interviewing Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 183K 
[   ]A Virtual Human Dialogue Model for Non-team Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 241K 
[   ]A Virtual Iraq System for the Treatment of Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 15M 
[   ]A Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Application for Iraq War Military Personnel with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- From Training to Toy to Treatment.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 304K 
[   ]A Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Application for Iraq War Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 239K 
[   ]A Virtual Reality Scenario for All Seasons- The Virtual Classroom (HCI).pdf2022-09-16 23:19 456K 
[   ]A Virtual Reality Scenario for All Seasons- The Virtual Classroom.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 302K 
[   ]A Virtual Tour Guide for Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 164K 
[   ]AXLNet- Web-enabled Case Method Instruction for Accelerating Tacit Knowledge Acquisition in Leaders.PDF2022-09-16 23:22 291K 
[   ]Abduction for Discourse Interpretation - A Probabilistic Framework. Joint Symposium on Semantic Processing.PDF2022-09-16 23:21 876K 
[   ]Abduction of Mental States with a Formal Theory of Commonsense Psychology (Abstract only).PDF2022-09-16 23:21 71K 
[   ]Abduction of Mental States with a Formal Theory of Commonsense Psychology (Abstract only).pdf2023-05-21 14:37 835K 
[   ]A blendshape model that incorporates physical interaction-2.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 550K 
[   ]A blendshape model that incorporates physical interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 597K 
[   ]Achieving Eye Contact in a One-to-Many 3D Video Teleconferencing System.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 9.6M 
[   ]A comparative study of glottal open quotient estimation techniques.PDF2022-09-16 23:19 309K 
[   ]A comparison of addressee detection methods for multiparty conversations.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 137K 
[   ]A computational account of comparative implicatures for a spoken dialogue agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 213K 
[   ]Acoustic Feature Analysis in Speech Emotion Primitives Estimation.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 151K 
[   ]Acoustic and Visual Cues of Turn-Taking Dynamics in Dyadic Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 250K 
[   ]Acquiring Reflectance and Shape from Continuous Spherical Harmonic Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 20M 
[   ]Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 3.5M 
[   ]Acquisition of Time-Varying Participating Media.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 2.5M 
[   ]A cross-cultural study of playing simple economic games online with humans and virtual humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 326K 
[   ]Acting the Part- The Role of Gesture on Avatar Identity.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 194K 
[   ]Action Recognition by Hierarchical Sequence Summarization.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 878K 
[   ]Ada and Grace- Direct Interaction with Museum Visitors.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 134K 
[   ]Adapting user interfaces for gestural interaction with the flexible action and articulated skeleton toolkit.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 704K 
[   ]Adaptive Karhunen-Loeve Transform for Enhanced Multichannel Audio Coding.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 893K 
[   ]Adaptive Narrative- How Autonomous Agents, Hollywood, and Multiprocessing Operating Systems Can Live Happily Ever After.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 103K 
[   ]Adaptive Problem-Solving for Large-Scale Scheduling Problems- A Case Study.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 287K 
[   ]A data-driven approach to model culture-specific communication management styles for virtual agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:15 200K 
[   ]Affect-Sensitive Virtual Standardized Patient Interface System.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 1.0M 
[   ]Affective Computer-Generated Stimulus Exposure- Psychophysiological Support for Increased Elicitation of Negative Emotions in High and Low Fear Subjects.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 128K 
[   ]Affective Engagement to Emotional Facial Expressions of Embodied Social Agents in a Decision-making Game.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 1.1M 
[   ]Affective Learner-Centered Design Framework for Virtual Human Educational Technologies.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 164K 
[   ]Affective language model adaptation via corpus selection.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 181K 
[   ]Affective outcomes of virtual reality exposure therapy for anxiety and specific phobias- A meta-analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 170K 
[   ]Against GameTheory.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 207K 
[   ]A generalized smoothness criterion for acoustic-to-articulatory inversion.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 225K 
[   ]A generic framework for the inference of user states in human computer interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 1.3M 
[   ]Agent or Avatar Using Virtual Confederates in Conflict Management Research.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 213K 
[   ]Agreeable People Like Agreeable Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 95K 
[   ]A high-resolution geometry capture system for facial performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 1.7M 
[   ]All Together Now.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 652K 
[   ]Alpha-Stable Modeling of Noise and Robust Time- Delay Estimation in the Presence of Impulsive Noise.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 1.0M 
[   ]A method for the approximation of incremental understanding of explicit utterance meaning using predictive models in finite domains.pdf2022-09-16 23:18 180K 
[   ]An Alternative Model for Sound Signals Encountered in Reverberant Environments; Robust Maximum Likelihood Localization and Parameter Estimation Based on a Sub-Gaussian Model.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 3.6M 
[   ]An Analysis of Learning to Plan as a Search Problem.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 250K 
[   ]An Analysis of Motion Blending Techniques.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 8.2M 
[   ]An Analysis of PCA-based Vocal Entrainment.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 239K 
[   ]An Approach to the Automated Evaluation of Pipeline Architectures in Natural Language Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 157K 
[   ]An Architectural Approach to Statistical Relational AI.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 107K 
[   ]An Audiovisual Political Speech Analysis Incorporating Eye-tracking and Perception Data.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 2.2M 
[   ]An Authoring Tool for Movies in the Style of Heider and Simmel.PDF2022-09-16 23:20 471K 
[   ]An Automultiscopic Projector Array for Interactive Digital Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 353K 
[   ]An Autostereoscopic Projector Array Optimized for 3D Facial Display .pdf2022-09-16 23:21 332K 
[   ]An Effective Conversation Tactic for Creating Value over Repeated Negotiations.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 638K 
[   ]An Enhanced Steering Algorithm for Redirected Walking in Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 1.6M 
[   ]An Evaluation Understudy for Dialogue Coherence Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 632K 
[   ]An Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Implementing Dialogue Policies Using Statistical Classification and Rules.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 145K 
[   ]An Example-Based Motion Synthesis Technique for Locomotion and Object Manipulation.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 4.1M 
[   ]An Explainable Artificial Intelligence System for Small-unit Tactical Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 816K 
[   ]An Exploration of Delsarte’s Structural Acting System.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 568K 
[   ]An Information State-Based Dialogue Manager for Call for Fire Dialogues.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 165K 
[   ]An Integrated Authoring Tool for Tactical Questioning Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 576K 
[   ]An Integrated Evaluation of Perception, Interpretation, and Narration.PDF2022-09-16 23:21 121K 
[   ]An Intelligent Tutoring Framework for Simulation-based Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 159K 
[   ]An Intelligent Virtual Human System for Providing Healthcare Information and Support.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 123K 
[   ]An Interactive 360 Light Field Display.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 1.9M 
[   ]An Interactive Virtual Audience Platform for Public Speaking Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 1.2M 
[   ]Analysis of Emotional Effect on Speech-Body Gesture Interplay.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 479K 
[   ]Analysis of discourse structure.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 174K 
[   ]Analyzing Conservative and Liberal Blogs Related to the Construction of the Ground Zero Mosque.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 246K 
[   ]Analyzing Political Rhetoric in Conservative and Liberal Weblogs Related to the Construction of the Ground Zero Mosque.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 1.0M 
[   ]Analyzing the Impact of Stress- A Comparison Between a Factor Analytic and a Composite Measurement of Allostatic Load.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 409K 
[   ]Analyzing the Nature of ECA Interactions in Children with Autism.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 197K 
[   ]An analysis of the failure of electronic media and discovery-based learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:20 290K 
[   ]Anaphoric Annotation in the ARRAU Corpus.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 193K 
[   ]Animatable Facial Reflectance Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 16M 
[   ]An innovative ADHD assessment system using virtual reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 2.9M 
[   ]An overview of a USC Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center- The use of virtual reality for a range of motor impairments.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 270K 
[   ]Antecedents of Attributions in an Educational Game for Social Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 348K 
[   ]Anthropomorphic Self-Models for Metareasoning Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 697K 
[   ]Anticipating Where to Look- Predicting the Movements of Mobile Agents in Complex Terrain.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 382K 
[   ]Anticipatory planning for decision-theoretic grounding and task advancement in mixed-initiative dialogue systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 2.4M 
[   ]Application Development and Clinical Results from a Virtual Iraq System for the Treatment of Iraq War PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 483K 
[   ]Applying Perceptually Driven Cognitive Mapping To Virtual Urban Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 308K 
[   ]A realtime immersive application with realistic lighting- The Parthenon.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 491K 
[   ]Are you friendly or just polite.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 292K 
[   ]Are you thinking what Im thinking An Evaluation of Simplified Theory of Mind.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 301K 
[   ]Army Excellence in Leadership (AXL)- A Multimedia Approach to Building Tacit Knowledge and Cultural Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 4.4M 
[   ]A semi-automated evaluation metric for dialogue model coherence.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 1.0M 
[   ]A simple camera tracking virtual reality system for evaluation of wrist range of motion.pdf2022-09-16 23:17 965K 
[   ]Asking Questions to Limited Domain Virtual Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 1.0M 
[   ]Assessing health-related quality of life in NeuroAIDS- some psychometric properties of the Neurological Quality of Life Questionnaire (NeuroQOL).pdf2022-09-16 23:22 881K 
[   ]Assessing the validity of a computational model of emotional coping.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 754K 
[   ]Assessing the validity of appraisal-based models of emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 514K 
[   ]Assessment instrument validation for critical clinical competencies - pediatricneonatal intubation and cholinergic crisis management.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 316K 
[   ]Assessment of Psychophysiological Differences of West Point Cadets and Civilian Controls Immersed within a Virtual Environment.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 112K 
[   ]Assessment of Spatial Neglect with a Virtual Wheelchair Navigation Task.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 4.3M 
[   ]Assessment of neuroAIDS in Africa.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 2.5M 
[   ]Associations between Interactants’ Personality Traits and Their Feelings of Rapport in Interactions with Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 288K 
[   ]A step toward irrationality- using emotion to change belief.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 746K 
[   ]A style controller for generating virtual human behaviors.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 292K 
[   ]Asynchronous Rendering.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 519K 
[   ]A system for high-resolution face scanning based on polarized spherical illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:19 4.0M 
[   ]At the Virtual Frontier- Introducing Gunslinger a Multi- Character Mixed-Reality Story-Driven Experience.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 204K 
[   ]Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition using Gaussian Mixture Models for Face and Voice.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 432K 
[   ]Audio Scene Understanding using Topic Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 117K 
[   ]Audiovisual behavior descriptors for depression assessment.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 250K 
[   ]Augmented Reality Applications and User Interfaces Using Head-Coupled Near-Axis Personal Projectors with Novel Retroreflective Props and Surfaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 811K 
[   ]Augmented Reality using Personal Projection and Retroflection.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 1.4M 
[   ]Augmented reality using personal projection and retroreflection.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 537K 
[   ]Augmenting Conversational Characters with Generated Question-Answer Pairs.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 480K 
[   ]Authoring Branching Storylines for Training Applications.PDF2022-09-16 23:22 1.0M 
[   ]Automated Commonsense Reasoning About Human Memory.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 179K 
[   ]Automated Session-Quality Assessment for Human Tutoring Based on Expert Ratings of Tutoring Success.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 285K 
[   ]Automated Story Capture From Conversational Speech.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 743K 
[   ]Automated Story Capture From Internet Weblogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 185K 
[   ]Automated Story Direction and Intelligent Tutoring- Towards a Unifying Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 198K 
[   ]Automatic Assessment and Analysis of Public Speaking Anxiety - A Virtual Audience Case Study.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 112K 
[   ]Automatic Behavior Descriptors for Psychological Disorder Analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 253K 
[   ]Automatic Detection of Unnatural Word-Level Segments in Unit-Selection Speech Synthesis.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 152K 
[   ]Automatic Identification of Salient Acoustic Instances.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 169K 
[   ]Automatic Nonverbal Behavior Indicators of Depression and PTSD- Exploring Gender Differences.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 479K 
[   ]Automatic Nonverbal Behavior Indicators of Depression and PTSD - The Effect of Gender.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 720K 
[   ]Automatic Parallelism for Dataflow Graphs.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 791K 
[   ]Automatic acquisition and animation of virtual avatars.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 1.9M 
[   ]Automatic annotation of context and speech acts for dialogue corpora.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 450K 
[   ]Automatic multimodal descriptors of rhythmic body movement.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 437K 
[   ]Automatic speech recognition using articulatory features from subject-independent acoustic-to-articulatory inversion.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 111K 
[   ]Automating After Action Review- Attributing Blame or Credit in Team Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 700K 
[   ]Automating the Transfer of a Generic Set of Behaviors onto a Virtual Character.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 2.5M 
[   ]Axiomatizing Complex Concepts from Fundamentals.PDF2022-09-16 23:22 119K 
[   ]BFOIT-A decade of broadening participation.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 2.4M 
[   ]BML Sequencer.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 309K 
[   ]Backpropagation and Regression- Comparative Utility for Neuropsychologists.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 101K 
[   ]Balancing Physiology, Anatomy & Immersion How Much Biological Fidelity is Necessary in a Medical Simulation.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 1.0M 
[   ]Barista - A Framework for Concurrent Speech Processing by USC-SAIL.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 532K 
[   ]Bark Frequency Transform Using an Arbitrary Order Allpass Filter.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 439K 
[   ]Bayesian Model of the Social Effects of Emotion in Decision-making in Multiagent Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 156K 
[   ]Believable Agents and Intelligent Scenario Direction for Social and Cultural Leadership Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 318K 
[   ]Believable Virtual Characters in Human-Computer Dialogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 1.1M 
[   ]Benefits of accumulating versus diminishing cues in recall.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 376K 
[   ]Better quality of life with neuropsychological improvement on HAART.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 210K 
[   ]Better than the real thing- Eliciting fear with moving and static computer-generated stimuli.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 403K 
[   ]Beyond Believability - Quantifying the Differences between Real and Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 337K 
[   ]Beyond Rational.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 176K 
[   ]BiLAT- A Game-Based Environment for Practicing Negotiation in a Cultural Context.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 1.0M 
[   ]Body Buddies- Social Signaling through Puppeteering.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 425K 
[   ]Body Persona Action Emerging Non-anthropomorphic Communication and Interaction in Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 1.0M 
[   ]Branching Storylines in Virtual Reality Environments for Leadership Development.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 1.3M 
[   ]Bridging Dichotomies in Cognitive Architectures for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:23 445K 
[   ]Bringing Hollywood Storytelling Techniques to Branching Storylines for Training Applications.PDF2022-09-16 23:23 166K 
[   ]Browsing Image Collections with Representations of Commonsense Activities.PDF2022-09-16 23:24 55K 
[   ]Building Effective Question Answering Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 184K 
[   ]Building Explainable Artificial Intelligence Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 558K 
[   ]Building Interactive Virtual Humans for Training Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 956K 
[   ]Building Robust Planning and Execution Systems for Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 374K 
[   ]Building a Character Animation System.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 3.2M 
[   ]Building a Life-Size Automultiscopic Display Using Consumer Hardware.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 4.4M 
[   ]CHILDES-yoo no koobun kaiseki puroguramu GRASP.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 1.4M 
[   ]COMPOSER- A Probabilistic Solution to the Utility Problem in Speed–up Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 191K 
[   ]COMRADE - Methods for Adaptive Competency Management and Just-in-Time Clinical Acumen Augmentation.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 434K 
[   ]CRMActive - An Active Learning Based Approach for Effective Video Annotation and Retrieval.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 424K 
[   ]Can I finish Learning when to respond to incremental interpretation results in interactive dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 918K 
[   ]Can Role-Play with Virtual Humans Teach Interpersonal Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 119K 
[   ]Can Virtual Human Build Rapport and Promote Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 186K 
[   ]Can virtual humans be more engaging than real ones.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 282K 
[   ]Capturing and Rendering With Incident Light Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 1.2M 
[   ]Capturing and Simulating Physically Accurate Illumination in Computer Graphics.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 599K 
[   ]Catecholamine responses to virtual combat - implications for post-traumatic stress and dimensions of functioning.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 494K 
[   ]Causal Explanation and Fact Mutability in Counterfactual Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 1.0M 
[   ]Causal Markers across Domains and Genres of Discourse.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 174K 
[   ]Causality in Hundreds of Narratives of the Same Events.PDF2022-09-16 23:24 579K 
[   ]CaveSL- A Large Format Scalable Multi-display System for Social and Scientific Visualization in Second Life.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 13K 
[   ]Checkpoint Exercise- Training with Virtual Actors in Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 64K 
[   ]Choice of Plausible Alternatives- An Evaluation of Commonsense Causal Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 293K 
[   ]Choking Under Social Pressure - Social Monitoring Among the Lonely.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 693K 
[   ]Cicero - Towards a Multimodal Virtual Audience Platform for Public Speaking Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 298K 
[   ]Circularly Polarized Spherical Illumination Reflectometry.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 30M 
[   ]Civilian Analogs of Army Tasks - Supporting Pedagogical Storytelling Across Domains.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 178K 
[   ]Classification of Cognitive Load from Speech using an i-vector Framework.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 261K 
[   ]Classifying Facial Gestures in Presence of Head Motion.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.3M 
[   ]Clinical Results from the Virtual Iraq Esposure Therapy Application for PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 478K 
[   ]Clustering Words by Syntactic Similarity Improves Dependency Parsing of Predicate-Argument Structures.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 666K 
[   ]Co-occurrence Graphs- Contextual Representation for Head Gesture Recognition during Multi-Party Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 411K 
[   ]Co-occurrence Graphs.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 380K 
[   ]Coaching Intercultural Communication in a Serious Game.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 445K 
[   ]Cognitive Cartography- Small Unit Readiness through Pre-deployment Priming of Mental Maps.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.4M 
[   ]Cognitive Effects of Short-term Use of Raloxifene- A Randomized Clinical Trial.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.0M 
[   ]Cognitive and Emotive Empathy in Discourse- Towards an Integrated Theory of Mind.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 166K 
[   ]Cognitive sequelae of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease- a meta-analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 147K 
[   ]Collecting Relevance Feedback on Titles and Photographs in Weblog Posts.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.5M 
[   ]Combining Distributed Vector Representations for Words.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 126K 
[   ]Combining Procedural and Declarative Knowledge in a Graphical Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 306K 
[   ]Combining Spherical Harmonics and Point-Source Illumination for Efficient Image-Based Relighting.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 2.7M 
[   ]Combining lexical, syntactic and prosodic cues for improved online dialog act tagging.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 450K 
[   ]Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 88K 
[   ]Commonsense Causal Reasoning Using Millions of Personal Stories.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 345K 
[   ]Commonsense Psychology and the Functional Requirements of Cognitive Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 325K 
[   ]Comparability of Narrow and Wide Field-Of-View Head-Mounted Displays for Medium-Field Distance Judgments.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 118K 
[   ]Comparing Behavior Towards Humans and Virtual Humans in a Social Dilemma.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 3.3M 
[   ]Comparing Three Computational Models of Affect.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 316K 
[   ]Comparing Time-Frequency Representations for Directional Derivative Features.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 257K 
[   ]Compound Gesture Generation - A Model Based on Ideational Units.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 1.2M 
[   ]Comprehensive Facial Performance Capture.pdf2023-05-21 14:45 835K 
[   ]Compressive Light Transport Sensing.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 2.1M 
[   ]Computational Models of Emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 480K 
[   ]Computational Models of Human Behavior in Wartime Negotiations.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 142K 
[   ]Computational Study of Human Communication Dynamics.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 1.7M 
[   ]Computing and computation.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 65K 
[   ]ConcaveSurroundOptics_ASC2006.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 676K 
[   ]Concensus of Self-Features for Nonverbal Behavior Analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:24 254K 
[   ]Considerations for Designing Response Quantification Procedures in Non-traditional Psychophysiological Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 714K 
[   ]Constrained local neural fields for robust facial landmark detection in the wild.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.4M 
[   ]Content-Based Similarity Measures of Weblog Authors.PDF2022-09-16 23:25 180K 
[   ]Context-based Recognition during Human Interactions- Automatic Feature Selection and Encoding Dictionary.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 380K 
[   ]Context-based signal descriptors of heart-rate variability for anxiety assessment.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 463K 
[   ]Context-driven automatic bilingual movie subtitle alignment.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 327K 
[   ]Context Dependent Utility- Modeling Decision Behavior Across Contexts.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 115K 
[   ]Contextually-Based Utility- An Appraisal-Based Approach at Modeling Framing and Decisions.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 195K 
[   ]Continuous Conditional Neural Fields for Structured Regression.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 406K 
[   ]Continuous Planning and Collaboration for Command and Control in Joint Synthetic Battlespaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 194K 
[   ]Continuous Space Discriminative Language Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 347K 
[   ]Continuous Speech Recognition Using Attention Shift Decoding with Soft Decision.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 422K 
[   ]Controlling the Focus of Perceptual Attention in Embodied Conversational Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 353K 
[   ]Cooperation Attitude in Negotiation Dialogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 327K 
[   ]Countering User Deviation During Redirected Walking.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 136K 
[   ]Coverage and Competency in Formal Theories- A Commonsense Theory of Memory.PDF2022-09-16 23:25 159K 
[   ]Creating Interactive Virtual Humans- Some Assembly Required.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.3M 
[   ]Creating Rapport with Virtual Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 446K 
[   ]Creating Spoken Dialogue Characters from Corpora without Annotations .pdf2022-09-16 23:25 100K 
[   ]Creating a Virtual Neighbor.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 116K 
[   ]Creating a life-sized automulitscopic Morgan Spurlock for CNNs “Inside Man” (abstract).pdf2022-09-16 23:25 451K 
[   ]Creating conversational characters using question generation tools.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 224K 
[   ]Creative Expression of Emotions in Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 354K 
[   ]Critical Success Factors for Rapid Innovative Solutions.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 156K 
[   ]Cross-Domain Speech Disfluency Detection.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 132K 
[   ]Cross cultural report of values and decisions in the multi round ultimatum game and the centipede game.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 362K 
[   ]Crowdsourcing Micro-Level Multimedia Annotations- The Challenges of Elevation and Interface.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 801K 
[   ]Cultural Differences in Playing Repeated Ultimatum Game online with Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 481K 
[   ]Cultural Frame-Switching using Accented Spoken Language by a Virtual Character.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 399K 
[   ]Culture-specific models of negotiation for virtual characters multi-attribute decision-making based on culture-specific values.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 600K 
[   ]DHEA Supplementation and Cognition in Postmenopausal Women.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 88K 
[   ]Data-driven Measurement of Child Language Development with Simple Syntactic Templates.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 273K 
[   ]Dealing with Doctors.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 207K 
[   ]Dealing with Out of Domain Questions in Virtual Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 192K 
[   ]Decision-Theoretic Approach to Plan Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 254K 
[   ]Deconstructing Reinforcement Learning in Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 441K 
[   ]Deconstructing episodic memory and learning in Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 562K 
[   ]Degrees of Grounding Based on Evidence of Understanding.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 68K 
[   ]Demonstrating and Testing the Compliance of BML Realizers.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.2M 
[   ]Dependency Parsing and Domain Adaptation with LR Models and Parser Ensembles.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 89K 
[   ]Depth Judgments by Reaching and Matching in Near-Field Augmented Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 787K 
[   ]Deriving Conversation-based Features form Unlabeled Speech for Discriminative Language Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 197K 
[   ]Deriving Priority Intelligence Requirements for Synthetic Command Entities.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 552K 
[   ]Design Recommendations to Support Automated Explanation and Tutoring.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 672K 
[   ]Design criteria techniques and case studies for creating and evaluating interactive experiences for virtual humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 198K 
[   ]Designing Useful Virtual Standardized Patient Encounters.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 379K 
[   ]Designing informed game-bases rehabilitation tasks leveraging advances in virtual reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 635K 
[   ]Details of the CFOR Planner.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 459K 
[   ]Detecting a Targeted Voice Style in an Audiobook Using Voice Quality Features.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 206K 
[   ]Detecting emotional state of a child in a conversational computer game.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 205K 
[   ]Detecting the Status of a Predictive Incremental Speech Understanding Model for Real-Time Decision-Making in a Spoken Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 963K 
[   ]Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals Using a Virtual Human Interviewing Agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 719K 
[   ]Determining What Questions To Ask.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 173K 
[   ]Developing INOTS to Support Interpersonal Skills Practice.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 1.3M 
[   ]Development and Clinical Results from the Virtual Iraq Exposure Therapy Application for PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 607K 
[   ]Development and Testing of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Active Duty Service Members who Served in Iraq and Afghanistan.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 628K 
[   ]Development and early evaluation.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 462K 
[   ]Development and early evaluation of the Virtual Iraq2022-09-16 23:25 0  
[   ]Development and early evaluation of the Virtual Iraq:Afghanistan exposure therapy system for combat-related PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:25 462K 
[   ]Development of a Benchmarking Scenario for Testing 3D User Interface Devices and Interaction Methods.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 501K 
[   ]Development of a Data Management Tool for Investigating Multivariate Space and Free Will Experiences in Virtual Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 891K 
[   ]Development of a VR Therapy Application for Iraq War Veterans with PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 207K 
[   ]Development of an interactive game-based rehabilitation tool for dynamic balance training.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 12M 
[   ]Development of an interactive rehabilitation game using the Nintendo® WiiFitTM Balance Board for people with neurological injury.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 359K 
[   ]Development of an interactive stepping game to reduce falls in the elderly.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 498K 
[   ]Dialog Behaviors across Culture and Group Size.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 136K 
[   ]Dialog Simulation for Background Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 6.1M 
[   ]Dialogue Act Recognition Using Reweighted Speaker Adaptation.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 361K 
[   ]Dialogues in Context.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 273K 
[   ]Different Strokes of Different Folks- Searching for Health Narratives in Weblogs.PDF2022-09-16 23:28 241K 
[   ]Digial Ira and Beyond - Creating Photoreal Real-Time Digital Characters (course notes).pdf2022-09-16 23:28 9.0M 
[   ]Digital Ira- Creating a Real-Time Photoreal Digital Actor.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 4.7M 
[   ]Digitizing the Parthenon- Estimating Surface Reflectance under Measured Natural Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 9.0M 
[   ]Direct HDR Capture of the Sun and Sky.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 2.7M 
[   ]Directorial Control in a Decision-Theoretic Framework for Interactive Narrative.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 174K 
[   ]Display Research at the University of Southern California.pdf2022-09-16 23:28 653K 
[   ]Distributed Vector Representations of Words in the Sigma Cognitive Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 1.0M 
[   ]Distribution-Sensitive Learning for Imbalanced Datasets.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 286K 
[   ]Does History Help - An Experiment on How Context Affects Crowdsourcing Dialogue Annotation.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 227K 
[   ]Does Humanity Matter.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 1.0M 
[   ]Does culture affect the perception of emotion in virtual faces.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 381K 
[   ]Does it matter if a computer jokes.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 499K 
[   ]Does the Contingency of Agents Nonverbal Feedback Affect Users Social Anxiety.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 289K 
[   ]Don’t tell anyone Two Experiments on Gossip Conversations.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 238K 
[   ]Don't Just Stare at Me.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 498K 
[   ]Dont_tell_anyone.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 243K 
[   ]Do you want to talk about it.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 4.1M 
[   ]Driving High-Resolution Facial Blendshapes with Video Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 6.2M 
[   ]Driving High-Resolution Facial Scans with Video Performance Capture.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 2.0M 
[   ]Dynamic Movement and Positioning of Embodied Agents in Multiparty Conversations.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 492K 
[   ]Dynamic Programming for Linear-Time Incremental Parsing.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 309K 
[   ]Dynamic Shape Capture using Multi-View Photometric Stereo.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 23M 
[   ]EMA- A computational model of appraisal dynamics.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 867K 
[   ]EMA- A process model of appraisal dynamics.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 761K 
[   ]ESCAPES - Evacuation Simulation with Children, Authorities, Parents, Emotions, and Social comparison.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 2.5M 
[   ]Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Pediatric Pain Distraction during IV Placement.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 88K 
[   ]Effectiveness of a Cognitive Task Analysis Informed Curriculum to Increase Self-Efficacy and Improve Performance for an Open Cricothyrotomy_Campbell, et al_2011.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 123K 
[   ]Effect of Illumination on Automatic Expression Recognition- A Novel 3D Relightable Facial Database.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 4.4M 
[   ]Effect of Illumination on Automatic Expression Recognition A Novel 3D Relightable Facial Database.pdf2022-09-16 23:29 6.0M 
[   ]Effects of Moral Concerns on Negotiations.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 525K 
[   ]Effects of Redirection on Spatial Orientation in Real and Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 7.5M 
[   ]Efficient Estimation of Spatially Varying Subsurface Scattering Parameters.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 3.8M 
[   ]Efficient Scalable Speech Compression for Scalable Speech Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 831K 
[   ]Embedded High-Quality Multichannel Audio Coding.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 10M 
[   ]Embodied Agents for Multi-party Dialogue in Immersive Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 514K 
[   ]Embodied Conversational Virtual Patients.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 290K 
[   ]Emerging treatments for PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 238K 
[   ]Emile- Marshalling Passions in Training and Education.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 602K 
[   ]Emotional Affordances within Interactive Experiences- A scientific approach to understanding artistic tools for stimulating emotions within Interactive Entertainment Experiences.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 2.0M 
[   ]Emotional Cognition in the Real World.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 127K 
[   ]Emotional Perception for Updating Agents’ Beliefs.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 357K 
[   ]Emotional Signaling in a Social Dilemma-an Automatic Analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 1.3M 
[   ]Emotional Variation in Speech-Based Natural Language Generation.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 159K 
[   ]Emotionally Expressive Head and Body Movement During Gaze Shifts.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 320K 
[   ]Emotionally resonant media.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 1.7M 
[   ]Emotion and Dialogue in the MRE Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 9.2M 
[   ]Emotion in Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 337K 
[   ]Empirical evaluation of computational fear contagion models in crowd dispersions.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 610K 
[   ]Enabling and recognizing strategic play in strategy games- Lessons from Sun Tzu.PDF2022-09-16 23:30 63K 
[   ]Encoding Knowledge of Commonsense Psychology.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 209K 
[   ]Energy-Constrained Minimum Variance Response Filter for Robust Vowel Spectral Estimation.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 555K 
[IMG]Engaging breathing exercises- developing an interactive XNA-based air flow sensing and control system.jpg2022-09-16 23:30 3.9M 
[   ]Enhanced Sparse Imputation Techniques.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 1.0M 
[   ]Enhancing Mate Selection through the Internet.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 229K 
[   ]Envisioning With Weblogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 195K 
[   ]Error Return Plots.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 316K 
[   ]Estimating Diffusion Parameters from Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 7.8M 
[   ]Estimating Specular Roughness and Anisotropy from Second Order Spherical Gradient Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 2.5M 
[   ]Estimating Surface Normals from Spherical Stokes Reflectance Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 5.4M 
[   ]Evaluating Conversational Characters Created through Question Generation.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 55K 
[   ]Evaluating Directorial Control in a Character-Centric Interactive Narrative Framework.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 299K 
[   ]Evaluating Evaluators- A Case Study in Understanding the Benefits and Pitfalls of Multi-Evaluator Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 125K 
[   ]Evaluating Models of Speaker Head Nods for Virtual Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 324K 
[   ]Evaluating Social Causality and Responsibility Models- An Initial Report.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 241K 
[   ]Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Processing for Time-Offset Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 154K 
[   ]Evaluating a Computational Model of Social Causality and Responsibility.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 266K 
[   ]Evaluating a Framework for Representing cultural Norms for Human Behavior Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 668K 
[   ]Evaluating a General Model of Emotional Appraisal and Coping.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 583K 
[   ]Evaluating a computational model of emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 348K 
[   ]Evaluating contributions of natural language parsers to protein–protein interaction extraction.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 277K 
[   ]Evaluating the Effectiveness of Information Presentation in a Full End-To-End Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 265K 
[   ]Evaluating the modeling and use of emotion in virtual humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 318K 
[   ]Evaluation Approach for Post-stroke Rehabilitation Via Virtual Reality Aided Motor Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 1.8M 
[   ]Evaluation of Justina- A Virtual Patient with PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 4.5M 
[   ]Evaluation of Novice and Expert Interpersonal Interaction Skills with a Virtual Patient.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 36K 
[   ]Evaluation of Transcription and Annotation tools for a Multi-modal, Multi-party dialogue corpus.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 43K 
[   ]Evaluation of a Spoken Dialogue System for Virtual Reality Call for Fire Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 191K 
[   ]Evaluation of an Information State-Based Dialogue Manager.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 109K 
[   ]Evaluation of an Integrated Authoring Tool for Building Advanced Question-Answering Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 594K 
[   ]Evaluation of multi-party virtual reality dialogue interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 133K 
[   ]Evaluation of the Exertion and Motivation Factors of a Virtual Reality Exercise Game for Children with Autism.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 476K 
[   ]Everything in perspective.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 1.0M 
[   ]Evolving Expression of Emotions in Virtual Humans Using Lights and Pixels.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 118K 
[   ]Evolving Expression of Emotions through Color in Virtual Humans using Genetic Algorithms.pdf2022-09-16 23:30 368K 
[   ]Examination of the change in Assessment of Motor and Process Skills performance in patients with acquired brain injury between the hospital and home environment.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 121K 
[   ]Experience Management Using Storyline Adaptation Strategies.PDF2022-09-16 23:36 164K 
[   ]Experiences Authoring Interactive Pedagogical Dramas.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 805K 
[   ]Experiments in Mixed Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 1.3M 
[   ]Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Training and Tutoring.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 147K 
[   ]Explaining the Variability of Human Nonverbal Behaviors in Face-to-Face Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 653K 
[   ]Explanatory Style for Socially Interactive Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 777K 
[   ]Exploring Feedback Strategies to Improve Public Speaking - An Interactive Virtual Audience Framework.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 2.4M 
[   ]Exploring Users' Social Responses to Computer Counseling Interviewers' Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 564K 
[   ]Exploring the Implications of Virtual Human Research for Human-Robot Teams.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 116K 
[   ]Exploring the effect of illumination on automatic expression recognition using the ICT-3DRFE database.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 674K 
[   ]Expression Graphs Unifying Factor Graphs and Sum-Product Networks.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 245K 
[   ]Expression of Emotions using Wrinkles Blushing Sweating and Tears.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 395K 
[   ]Expression of Moral Emotions in Cooperating Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 338K 
[   ]Expressions Related to Knowledge and Belief in Childrens Speech.PDF2022-09-16 23:36 235K 
[   ]Expressive Behaviors for Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 37M 
[   ]Extending Mental Imagery in Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 511K 
[   ]Extending Virtual Humans to Support Team Training in Virtual Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 19M 
[   ]Extending the Reach of Health Care for Obesity and Diabetes Using Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 1.0M 
[   ]FAAST-R- Defining a Core Mechanic for Designing Gestural Interfaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 322K 
[   ]FAAST- The Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 11M 
[   ]FLoReS- A Forward Looking, Reward Seeking, Dialogue Manager.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 2.5M 
[   ]Fabricating Microgeometry for Custom Surface Reflectance.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 2.9M 
[   ]Facial Cartography- Interactive Scan Correspondence.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 16M 
[   ]Facial Expressions and Politeness Effect in Foreign Language Training System.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 283K 
[   ]Facial Performance Synthesis using Deformation-Driven Polynomial Displacement Maps.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 26M 
[   ]Fast, automatic character animation pipelines.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 3.2M 
[   ]Fast Geometry Acquisition for Mixed Reality Applications Using Motion Tracking.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 3.3M 
[   ]Feedback Specificity and the Learning of Intercultural Communication Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 93K 
[   ]Felt Emotion and Social Context Determine the Intensity of Smiles in a Competitive Video Game.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 402K 
[   ]Female Artists and the VR Crucible- Expanding the Aesthetic Vocabulary.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 591K 
[   ]Field Testing of an Interactive Question-Answering Character .pdf2022-09-16 23:35 1.2M 
[   ]Fight, Flight, or Negotiate- Believable Strategies for Conversing under Crisis.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 186K 
[   ]Fight the Way You Train-The Role and Limits of Emotions in Training for Combat.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 199K 
[   ]First Steps Toward Linking Dialogues- Mediating Between Free-text Questions and Pre-recorded Video Answers.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 2.9M 
[   ]First Steps towards Dialogue Modelling from an Un-annotated Human-Human Corpus.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 211K 
[   ]FlatWorld- Combining Hollywood Set-Design Techniques with VR.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 1.0M 
[   ]Flexible Group Behavior- Virtual Commanders for Synthetic Battlespaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 227K 
[   ]Flexible Spaces- A Virtual Step Outside of Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 562K 
[   ]Flexible Spaces- Dynamic Layout Generation for Infinite Walking in Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:35 465K 
[   ]Fluid Semantic Back-Channel Feedback in Dialogue- Challenges & Progress.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 251K 
[   ]Fluid Simulation Via Disjoint Translating Grids.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 181K 
[   ]Formalizations of Commonsense Psychology.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 201K 
[   ]Fourth Frame Forums- Interactive Comics for Collaborative Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 1.4M 
[   ]Framework for analysis of mitigation in courts.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 598K 
[   ]Friends You Haven't Met Yet - A Documentary Short Film.PDF2022-09-16 23:31 104K 
[   ]From Domain Specification to Virtual Humans- An integrated approach to authoring tactical questioning characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 432K 
[   ]From Domain Specification to Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 426K 
[   ]From Linear Story Generation to Branching Story Graphs.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 257K 
[   ]From memory to problem solving- Mechanism reuse in a graphical cognitive architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 259K 
[   ]Functions and Patterns of Speaker and Addressee Identifications in Distributed Complex Organizational Tasks Over Radio.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 75K 
[   ]Fundamental and Technological Limitations of Immersive Audio Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 310K 
[   ]Fusing Depth, Color, and Skeleton Data for Enhanced Real-Time Hand Segmentation.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 524K 
[   ]Fusing symbolic and decision-theoretic problem solving + perception in a graphical cognitive architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 1.0M 
[   ]Fusion of Diverse denoising systems for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 1.1M 
[   ]GOAALLL! Using Sentiment in the World Cup to Explore Theories of Emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 428K 
[   ]Games for rehabilitation- the voice of the players.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 516K 
[   ]Gender Differences and Cognition Among Older Adults.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 57K 
[   ]Generalized Adaptive View-based Appearance Model- Integrated Framework for Monocular Head Pose Estimation.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 403K 
[   ]Generalizing Semantic Role Annotations Across Syntactically Similar Verbs.pdf2022-09-16 23:31 396K 
[   ]Generalizing the Genres for ITS - Authoring Considerations for Representative Learning Tasks.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 612K 
[   ]Generating Listening Behaviour.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 448K 
[   ]Geometry-Corrected Light Field Rendering for Creating a Holographic Stereogram.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 5.5M 
[   ]Gesture-based Object Recognition using Histograms of Guiding Strokes.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 2.8M 
[   ]Gesture generation with low-dimensional embeddings.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 2.6M 
[   ]Gesture with Meaning.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 242K 
[   ]Getting girls into the game- Towards a Virtuous Cycle.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 1.4M 
[   ]Glances, Glares, and Glowering- How Should a Virtual Human Express Emotion Through Gaze.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 475K 
[   ]Goals in a Formal Theory of Commonsense Psychology.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 57K 
[   ]Graphical Models for Integrated Intelligent Robot Architectures.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 569K 
[   ]Guided Conversations about Leadership- Mentoring with Movies and Interactive Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 296K 
[   ]Hallucinated N-Best Lists for Discriminative Language Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 150K 
[   ]Handling Out-of-Grammar Commands in Mobile Speech Interaction Using Backoff Filler Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 514K 
[   ]Hassan- A Virtual Human for Tactical Questioning .pdf2022-09-16 23:34 202K 
[   ]Head-mounted Photometric Stereo for Performance Capture.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 2.8M 
[   ]Heart Rate Response to Fear Conditioning and Virtual Reality in Subthreshold PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 265K 
[   ]Hierarchical Motion Controllers for Real-Time Autonomous Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 349K 
[   ]Hierarchical Reasoning with Distributed Vector Representations.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 148K 
[   ]High-Resolution Stereo Matching based on Sampled Photoconsistency Computation.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 4.7M 
[   ]High Fidelity Facial Hair Capture-TR.pdf2022-09-16 23:34 24M 
[   ]High Fidelity Facial Hair Capture.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 9.3M 
[   ]House calls revisited.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 134K 
[   ]How Many Utterances Are Needed to Support Time-Offset Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 548K 
[   ]How Our Personality Shapes Our Interactions with Virtual Characters - Implications for Research and Development.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 259K 
[   ]How to Talk to a Hologram.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 1.6M 
[   ]How to train your avatar.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 774K 
[   ]Human-like behavior alas demands human-like intellect.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 14K 
[   ]Human Behavior in Military Contexts.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 1.2M 
[   ]Human Computer Interaction in Virtual Standardized Patient Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 153K 
[   ]Human Emotional State and its Relevance for Military VR Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 388K 
[   ]Hybrid Control For Interactive Character Animation.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 11M 
[   ]Hybrid Natural Language Generation from Lexical Conceptual Structures.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 354K 
[   ]I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 193K 
[   ]I Already Know Your Answer- Using Nonverbal Behaviors to Predict Immediate Outcomes in a Dyadic Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 789K 
[   ]ICT-TR-01-2001.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 204K 
[   ]ICT-TR-01-2006.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 3.9M 
[   ]ICT-TR-01-2012.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 44M 
[   ]ICT-TR-02-2007.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 2.3M 
[   ]ICT-TR-02-2009.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 848K 
[   ]ICT-TR-02-2010.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 13M 
[   ]ICT-TR-03-2005.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 241K 
[   ]ICT-TR-03-2009.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 225K 
[   ]ICT-TR-04-2008.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 3.3M 
[   ]ICT-TR-04.2006.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 1.1M 
[   ]ICT-TR-06.2004.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 6.1M 
[   ]ICT-TR.01.2005.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 490K 
[   ]ICT-TR.02.2005.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 478K 
[   ]ICT-TR.02.2006-Rick.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 463K 
[   ]ICT TR 01 2010.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 3.0M 
[   ]ICT TR 02 2003.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 240K 
[   ]ICT TR 02 2008.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 569K 
[   ]ICT TR 03 2008.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 3.4M 
[   ]ICT TR 04 2009.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 11M 
[   ]ICT TR 05 2008.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 2.0M 
[   ]IORelator- A Graphical User Interface to Enable Rapid Semantic Annotation for Data-Driven Natural Language Understanding.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 342K 
[   ]ISO 24617-2- A semantically-based standard for dialogue annotation.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 282K 
[   ]I Want My Virtual Friends to be Life Size! Adapting Second Life to Multi-Screen Projected Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 596K 
[   ]Ideas on Multi-layer Dialogue Management for Multi-party, Multi-conversation, Multi-modal Communication.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 84K 
[   ]Identifying Personal Narratives in Chinese Weblog Posts.PDF2022-09-16 23:46 897K 
[   ]Identifying Personal Stories in Millions of Weblog Entries.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 216K 
[   ]Identifying and Analyzing Judgment Opinions.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 256K 
[   ]Image-Based Lighting.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 3.7M 
[   ]Image-Based Techniques for Digitizing Environments and Artifacts.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 3.6M 
[   ]Image-based Separation of Diffuse and Specular Reflections using Environmental Structured Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 43M 
[   ]Immersive Training Games for Smartphone-Based Head Mounted Displays.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 5.6M 
[   ]Immersiveness and Physiological Arousal within Panoramic Video-Based Virtual Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 120K 
[   ]Impact of hand-assisted viewing on user performance and learning patterns in virtual environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 1.0M 
[   ]Impact of time on task on ADHD patient's performances in a virtual classroom.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 484K 
[   ]Implementing First-Order Variables in a Graphical Cognitive Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 165K 
[   ]Implicit Cues for Explicit Generation- Using Telicity as a Cue for Tense Structure in Chinese to English MT System.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 6.8M 
[   ]Importance of Well-Motivated Characters in Interactive Narratives.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 219K 
[   ]Impossible Spaces- Maximizing Natural Walking in Virtual Environments with Self-Overlapping Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 7.7M 
[   ]Improved Classification-based Natural Language Understanding with Non-Expert Annotation.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 106K 
[   ]Improved Linear-Light-Source Material Reflectance Scanning.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 2.2M 
[   ]Improved Speaker Diarization.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 343K 
[   ]Improvements in Visually Directed Walking in Virtual Environments Cannot be Explained by Changes in Gait Alone.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 422K 
[   ]Improving Learning Performance Through Rational Resource Allocation.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 149K 
[   ]Improving Question-Answering With Linking Dialogues .pdf2022-09-16 23:46 315K 
[   ]Improving Speech Recognition for Children using Acoustic Adaptation and Pronunciation Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 64K 
[   ]Improving Spoken Dialogue Understanding Using Phonetic Mixture Models-ch15.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 134K 
[   ]Improving Spoken Dialogue Understanding Using Phonetic Mixture Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 1.3M 
[   ]Improving a Virtual Human Using a Model of Degrees of Grounding.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 137K 
[   ]Incremental Dialogue Understanding and Feedback for Multi-party Multimodal Conversation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 554K 
[   ]Incremental Interpretation and Prediction of Utterance Meaning for Interactive Dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 1.0M 
[   ]Incremental Speech Understanding in a Multi-Party Virtual Human Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 390K 
[   ]Individual Differences in Expressive Response.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 206K 
[   ]Individual Differences in Mental Rotation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 729K 
[   ]Individualized Virtual Humans for Social Skills Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 152K 
[   ]Inductive Transfer Learning for Handling Individual Differences in Affective Computing.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 411K 
[   ]Infinite Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Human Behavior Analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 345K 
[   ]Information Divergence Estimation based on Data-Dependent Partitions.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 1.8M 
[   ]Initial Validation of a Virtual Environment for Assessment of Memory Functioning- Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 83K 
[   ]Initial usability assessment of off-the-shelf video game consoles for clinical game-based motor rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 234K 
[   ]Initiative Patterns in Dialogue Genres.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 83K 
[   ]Initiative Taking in Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 333K 
[   ]Innovation and Rapid Evolutionary Design by Virtual Doing-Understanding Early Synthetic.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 3.6M 
[   ]Insights on Privacy and Ethics from the Web's Most Prolific Storytellers.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 203K 
[   ]Integrating Haptic-Tactile Feedback into a Video-Capture–Based Virtual Environment for Rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 93K 
[   ]Integrating Logical Inference Into Statistical Text Classification Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 113K 
[   ]Integration of Visual Perception in Dialogue Understanding for Virtual Humans in Multi-Party interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 1.3M 
[   ]Intelligent Agents for Virtual Simulation of Human-Robot Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 151K 
[   ]Intelligent Agents for the Synthetic Battlefield- A Company of Rotary Wing Aircraft.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 163K 
[   ]Intelligent Tutoring Goes to the Museum in the Big City- A Pedagogical Agent for Informal Science Education.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 145K 
[   ]Intelligent Tutoring and Pedagogical Experience Manipulation in Virtual Learning Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 99K 
[   ]Intelligent Tutoring for Interpersonal and Intercultural Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 444K 
[   ]Intelligent Virtual Agents for Education and Training- Opportunities and Challenges.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 137K 
[   ]Intelligent tutoring support for learners interacting with virtual humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 6.0M 
[   ]Inter-Coder Agreement for Computational Linguistics.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 370K 
[   ]Interactants’ Most Intimate Self-Disclosure in Interactions with Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 99K 
[   ]Interaction on emotions.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 884K 
[   ]Interactive characters for cultural training of small military units.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 74K 
[   ]Interactive relevance search and modeling - Support for expert-driven analysis of multimodal data.PDF2022-09-16 23:38 438K 
[   ]Internship Report on Predicting Listener Backchannels.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 569K 
[   ]Interpersonal Effects of Emotions in Morally-charged Negotiations.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 1.7M 
[   ]Interpersonal effects of expressed anger and sorrow in morally charged negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 346K 
[   ]Interplay between linguistic and affective goals in facial expression during emotional utterances.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 718K 
[   ]Interpretation of Partial Utterances in Virtual Human Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 812K 
[   ]Interpreting Ambiguous Emotional Expressions.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 300K 
[   ]Intoxicated Speech Detection by Fusion of Speaker Normalized Hierarchical Features and GMM Supervectors.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 146K 
[   ]Introduction to Low-Cost Motion-Tracking for Virtual Rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 2.0M 
[   ]Introduction to the Special Issue on Ambiguity and Semantic Judgments.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 55K 
[   ]Inverse Filter Design for Immersive Audio Rendering Over Loudspeakers.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 794K 
[   ]Investigating Fuzzy-Input Fuzzy-Output Support Vector Machines for Robust Voice Quality Classification.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 835K 
[   ]Investigating Gender Differences in Temporal Dynamics during an Iterated Social.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 708K 
[   ]Investigating Voice Quality as a Speaker-Independent Indicator of Depression and PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 159K 
[   ]Investigating automatic measurements of prosodic accommodation and its dynamics in social interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 2.3M 
[   ]Investigating the Influence of Virtual Peers as Dialect Models on Students Prosodic Inventory.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 288K 
[   ]Investigating the Speech Characteristics of Suicidal Adolescents.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 178K 
[   ]Investigating the relationship between presence and learning in a serious game.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 267K 
[   ]Issues in Multiparty Dialogues.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 10M 
[   ]Issues in corpus development for multi-party multi-modal task-oriented dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 226K 
[   ]It’s only a computer - The impact of human-agent interaction in clinical interviews.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 747K 
[   ]It's Only a Computer - Virtual Humans Increase Willingness to Disclose.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 602K 
[   ]It's in their eyes- A study on female and male virtual humans' gaze.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 251K 
[   ]It doesnt matter what you are-Explaining social effects of agents and avatars.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 321K 
[   ]It doesnt matter what you are.pdf2022-09-16 23:39 49K 
[   ]Its in their eyes- A study on female and male virtual humans gaze.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 251K 
[   ]Joint Filtering and Factorization for Recovering Latent Structure from Noisy Speech Data.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 2.6M 
[   ]Joint Identification and Segmentation of Domain-Specific Dialogue Acts for Conversational Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 205K 
[   ]Kernel models for affective lexicon creation.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 75K 
[   ]Latent Mixture of Discriminative Experts.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 1.3M 
[   ]Latent Mixture of Discriminative Experts for Multimodal Prediction Modeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 326K 
[   ]Lattice-based Lexical Cues for Word Fragment Detection in Conversational Speech.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 278K 
[   ]Learning Backchannel Prediction Model from Parasocial Consensus Sampling- A Subjective Evaluation.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 310K 
[   ]Learning Controls for Blend Shape Based Realistic Facial Animation.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 931K 
[   ]Learning Cultural Conversation Protocols with Immersive Interactive Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 503K 
[   ]Learning Culture-Specific Dialogue Models from Non Culture-Specific Data.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 84K 
[   ]Learning Dialogue Strategies from Older and Younger Simulated Users.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 107K 
[   ]Learning Domain Knowledge for Teaching Procedural Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 246K 
[   ]Learning Domain Knowledge for Teaching Procedural Tasks.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 242K 
[   ]Learning Models of Speaker Head Nods with Affective Information.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 194K 
[   ]Learning Search Control Knowledge for Deep Space Network Scheduling.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 161K 
[   ]Learning a Probabilistic Model of Event Sequences From Internet Weblog Stories.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 306K 
[   ]Learning and Evaluating Response Prediction Models using Parallel Listener Consensus.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 2.7M 
[   ]Learning a sparse codebook of facial and body microexpressions for emotion recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 818K 
[   ]Learning to Interpret Utterances Using Dialogue History.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 386K 
[   ]Learning via Gradient Descent in Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 713K 
[   ]Lessons Learned from Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 3.9M 
[   ]Lessons from Emotion Psychology for the Design of Lifelike Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 295K 
[   ]Leveraging Change Blindness for Redirection in Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 1.1M 
[   ]Leveraging Computing Sciences in STEM Education.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 80K 
[   ]Leveraging Hollywood Set Design Techniques to Enhance Ad Hoc Immersive Display Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 667K 
[   ]Leveraging Unencumbered Full Body Control of Animated Virtual Characters for Game-Based Rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 11M 
[   ]Life-Experience Passwords (LEPs).pdf2022-09-16 23:42 125K 
[   ]Light Stage 2.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 154K 
[   ]Limited Domain Synthesis of Expressive Military Speech for Animated Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 207K 
[   ]Limits of simple dialogue acts for tactical questioning dialogues.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 187K 
[   ]Linear Light Source Reflectometry.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 4.5M 
[   ]Literary Evidence for the Cultural Development of a Theory of Mind.PDF2022-09-16 23:42 215K 
[   ]Localized Optimization for Mocap-Driven Blendshapes.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 355K 
[   ]Logical Prior Probability.pdf2022-09-16 23:42 563K 
[   ]Looking Real and Making Mistakes.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 570K 
[   ]Lowering the Technical Skill Requirements for Building Intelligent Tutors-A Review of Authoring Tools.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 592K 
[   ]MRE- A Study on Evolutionary Language Understanding.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 264K 
[   ]Machine Ethics.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 728K 
[   ]Making Grammar-Based Generation Easier to Deploy in Dialogue Systems .pdf2022-09-16 23:43 845K 
[   ]Markerless Full Body Tracking- Depth-Sensing Technology within Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 492K 
[   ]Measurement-based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry.pdf2023-05-21 14:44 835K 
[   ]Measurement and Modeling of Microfacet Distribution under Deformation (abstract for talk).pdf2022-09-16 23:43 8.5M 
[   ]Memory Improvement with Treatment of Hypothyroidism.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 1.0M 
[   ]Mental imagery in a graphical cognitive architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 500K 
[   ]Metacognition and the Development of Intercultural Competence.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 319K 
[   ]Metaphoric Gestures - Towards Grounded Mental Spaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 363K 
[   ]Metaplanning for Multiple Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 103K 
[   ]Metareasoning as an Integral Part of Commonsense and Autocognitive Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 105K 
[   ]Method for Custom Facial Animation and Lip-Sync in an Unsupported Environment, Second Life.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 33K 
[   ]Method for Live Production of Synthetic Lung Sounds in an Online Auscultation Simulator.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 80K 
[   ]Methylphenidate Effect in Children With ADHD.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 184K 
[   ]Minimal Narrative Annotation Schemes and Their Applications.PDF2022-09-16 23:43 119K 
[   ]Mining Commonsense Knowledge From Personal Stories in Internet Weblogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 208K 
[   ]Mitigation Theory- An Integrated Approach.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 153K 
[   ]Mixing Story and Simulation in Interactive Narrative.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 189K 
[   ]Modeling Coping Behavior in Virtual Humans- Dont worry Be happy.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 378K 
[   ]Modeling Culturally and Emotionally Affected Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 3.5M 
[   ]Modeling Dynamic Perceptual Attention in Complex Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 234K 
[   ]Modeling Emotions in the Mission Rehearsal Exercise.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 595K 
[   ]Modeling Framing Effects Comparing an Appraisal-Based Model with Existing Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 1.2M 
[   ]Modeling Hidden Dynamics of Multimodal Cues for Spontaneous Agreement and Disagreement Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 641K 
[   ]Modeling Human Communication Dynamics.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 334K 
[   ]Modeling Latent-Dynamic in Shallow Parsing.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 151K 
[   ]Modeling Latent Discriminative Dynamic of Multi-Dimensional Affective Signals.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 316K 
[   ]Modeling Mutual Influence of Interlocutor Emotion States in Dyadic Spoken Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 274K 
[   ]Modeling Nonverbal Behavior of a Virtual Counselor during Intimate Self-Disclosure.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 368K 
[   ]Modeling Rich Characters in Interactive Narrative Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 131K 
[   ]Modeling Side Participants and Bystanders.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 879K 
[   ]Modeling Social Causality and Responsibility Judgment in Multi-Agent Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 613K 
[   ]Modeling Social Emotions and Social Attributions.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 477K 
[   ]Modeling Social Inference in Virtual Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 203K 
[   ]Modeling Speaker Behavior- A Comparison of Two Approaches.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 391K 
[   ]Modeling Theory of Mind and Cognitive Appraisal with Decision-Theoretic Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 1.4M 
[   ]Modeling Two-Player Games in the Sigma Graphical Cognitive Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 278K 
[   ]Modeling Wisdom of Crowds Using Latent Mixture of Experts.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 522K 
[   ]Modeling and Animating Realistic Faces from Images.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 494K 
[   ]Modeling and Editing Flows Using Advected Radial Basis Functions.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 1.1M 
[   ]Modeling appraisal in theory of mind reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 261K 
[   ]Modeling self-deception within a decision-theoretic framework.pdf2022-09-16 23:44 131K 
[   ]Modeling the Cognitive Antecedents and Consequences of Emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 217K 
[   ]Modeling the Impact of Cognitive Moderators on Human Cognition and Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 86K 
[   ]Modeling the Interplay Between Emotion and Decision-Making.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 963K 
[   ]Modeling the Interplay of Emotions and Plans in Multi-Agent Simulations.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 513K 
[   ]Modeling the influence of emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 234K 
[   ]Models of Culture for Virtual Human Conversation.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 140K 
[   ]Modified-prior i-Vector Estimation for Language Identification of Short Duration Utterances.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 256K 
[   ]Monocular Head Pose Estimation using Generalized Adaptive View-based Appearance Model.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 367K 
[   ]Morphosyntactic annotation of CHILDES transcripts.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 151K 
[   ]Motion Graphs.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 936K 
[   ]Motion controllers for learners to manipulate and interact with 3D objects for mental rotation training.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 153K 
[   ]Motor based assessment of neurocognitive functioning in resource-limited Iinternational settings.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 129K 
[   ]Mr. Clue - A Virtual Agent that can Play Word-Guessing Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 232K 
[   ]MuVR - A Multi-user Virtual Reality Platform.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 5.4M 
[   ]Multi-Modal Classifier-Fusion for the Recognition of Emotions.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 1.5M 
[   ]Multi-View Latent Variable Discriminative Models For Action Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 2.6M 
[   ]Multi-party, Multi-issue, Multi-strategy Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 122K 
[   ]Multi-party multi-role comprehensive listening behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:43 1.8M 
[   ]Multimodal Approach for Automatic Recognition of Machiavellianism.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 2.0M 
[   ]Multimodal Human Behavior Analysis- Learning Correlation and Interaction Across Modalities.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 443K 
[   ]Multimodal Prediction of Expertise and Leadership in Learning Groups.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 1.9M 
[   ]Multimodal Prediction of Psychological Disorders Learning - Verbal and Nonverbal Commonalities in Adjacency Pairs.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 267K 
[   ]Multimodal Sentiment Analysis of Spanish Online Videos.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 530K 
[   ]Multimodal speaker segmentation in presence of overlapped speech segments.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 805K 
[   ]Multiview Face Capture using Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 32M 
[   ]Must Feedback Disrupt Presence in Serious Games.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 2.7M 
[   ]Mutual Behaviors during Dyadic Negotiation- Automatic Prediction of Respondent Reactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 946K 
[   ]NIDRR Perspectives on VR Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 208K 
[   ]NL Generation for Virtual Humans in a Complex Social Environment.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 300K 
[   ]NPCEditor- A Tool for Building Question-Answering Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 843K 
[   ]NPCEditor- Creating Virtual Human Dialogue Using Information Retrieval Techniques.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 2.7M 
[   ]Narratoria, an Authoring Suite for Digital Interactive Narrative.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 99K 
[   ]Natural Behavior of a Listening Agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 215K 
[   ]Natural Language Dialogue Architectures.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 370K 
[   ]Natural Language Understanding Considerations for a Lifelong Learning Companion.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 191K 
[   ]Natural language processing for joint fire observer training.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 159K 
[   ]Near-Instant Capture of High-Resolution Facial Geometry and Reflectance.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 1.5M 
[   ]Negotiation Strategies with Incongruent Facial Expressions of Emotion Cause Cardiovascular Threat.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 415K 
[   ]Negotiation as a Challenge Problem for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 2.2M 
[   ]Negotiation over Tasks in Hybrid Human-Agent Teams for Simulation-Based Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 241K 
[   ]Negotiations in the Context of AIDS Prevention- An Agent-Based Model Using Theory of Mind.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 146K 
[   ]Neural Response to narratives framed with sacred values.PDF2022-09-16 23:45 62K 
[   ]Neurocognitive Workload Assessment Using the Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 105K 
[   ]Neurocognitive and Psychophysiological Analysis of Human Performance within Virtual Reality Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 77K 
[   ]Neurocognitive and Psychophysiological Interfaces for Adaptive Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 360K 
[   ]Neurocognitive functioning and HAART in HIV and hepatitis C virus co-infection.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 93K 
[   ]Neuropsychological Assessment Using Virtual Environments- Enhanced Assessment Technology for Improved Ecological Validity.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 185K 
[   ]Neuropsychological Assessment of Attentional Processing using Virtual Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 345K 
[   ]New Factors in Room Equalization Using a Fuzzy Logic Approach.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 3.1M 
[   ]No Sweat- Jogging in a Virtual World Using Breath as Avatar Control.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 197K 
[   ]Non-Product Data-Dependent Partitions for Mutual Information Estimation- Strong Consistency and Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 1.0M 
[   ]Non-cooperative and Deceptive Virtual Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 160K 
[   ]Nonverbal Behavior Generator for Embodied Conversational Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 289K 
[   ]Objective Structured Clinical Interview Training using a Virtual Human Patient.pdf2022-09-16 23:45 71K 
[   ]On Data-Driven Histogram-Based Estimation for Mutual Information.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 185K 
[   ]One Hundred Challenge Problems for Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Psychology.PDF2022-09-16 23:46 565K 
[   ]On the Efficient Allocation of Resources for Hypothesis Evaluation- A Statistical Approach.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 3.3M 
[   ]On the discovery of events in EEG data utilizing information fusion.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 698K 
[   ]Ontological implications of Being in immersive virtual environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 378K 
[   ]Open-domain Commonsense Reasoning Using Discourse Relations from a Corpus of Weblog Stories.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 73K 
[   ]Open Domain Collaborative Storytelling.PDF2022-09-16 23:46 201K 
[   ]Opponent Modeling for Virtual Human Negotiators.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 787K 
[   ]Optimized Local Blendshape Mapping for Facial Motion Retargeting.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 733K 
[   ]Optimizing Clinical Training for the Treatment of PTSD Using Virtual Patients.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 660K 
[   ]Oriented Particle Level Set for Fluid Simulation.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 155K 
[   ]Outcomes From Two Forms of Training for First-Responder Competency in Cholinergic Crisis Management.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 836K 
[   ]Pair Me Up- A Web Framework for Crowd-Sourced Spoken Dialogue Collection.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 1.0M 
[   ]Parasocial Consensus Sampling- Combining Multiple Perspectives to Learn Virtual Human Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 408K 
[   ]Pattern of neuropsychological performance among HIV positive patients in Uganda.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 253K 
[   ]Pedagogical Experience Manipulation for Cultural Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 113K 
[   ]People’s Biased Decisions toTrust and Cooperate with Agents that Express Emotions.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 139K 
[   ]People Like Virtual Counselors That Highly-Disclose About Themselves.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 282K 
[   ]People Show Envy, Not Guilt, when Making Decisions with Machines.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 248K 
[   ]People hesitate more, talk less to virtual interviewers than to human interviewers.pdf2022-09-16 23:46 1.5M 
[   ]Perception Markup Language- Towards a Standardized Representation of Perceived Nonverbal Behaviors.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 714K 
[   ]Perceptual Multiple Location Equalization with Clustering.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 367K 
[   ]Performance Geometry Capture for Spatially Varying Relighting.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 1.3M 
[   ]Performing in (virtual) spaces - embodiment and being in virtual environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 187K 
[   ]Peripheral Stimulation and its Effect on Perceived Spatial Scale in Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 1.1M 
[   ]Persuasiveness in social multimedia - the role of communication modality and the challenge of crowdsourcing annotations.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 851K 
[   ]PhotoFall- Discovering Weblog Stories Through Photographs.PDF2022-09-16 23:47 2.9M 
[   ]Physiological evidence for a dual process model of the social effects of emotion in computers.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 1.0M 
[   ]Pilot results from a virtual reality executive function task.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 437K 
[   ]Pitch contour stylization using an optimal piecewise polynomial approximation.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 124K 
[   ]Postproduction Re-Illumination of Live Action Using Time-Multiplexed Lighting.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 1.4M 
[   ]Posture and Gesture Recognition using 3D Body Shapes Decomposition.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 725K 
[   ]Practical Character Physics For Animators.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 442K 
[   ]Practical Evaluation of Human and Synthesized Speech for Virtual Human Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 2.0M 
[   ]Practical Evaluation of Speech Recognizers for Virtual Human Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 226K 
[   ]Practical Grammar-Based NLG from Examples .pdf2022-09-16 23:47 140K 
[   ]Practical Image Based Relighting and Editing with Spherical Harmonics and Local Lights.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 4.2M 
[   ]Practical Language Processing for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:47 325K 
[   ]Practical Modeling and Acquisition of Layered Facial Reflectance.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 28M 
[   ]Predicting Listener Backchannels- A Probabilistic Multimodal Approach.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 506K 
[   ]Predicting Speaker Head Nods and the Effects of Affective Information.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 851K 
[   ]Prediction and Realisation of Conversational Characteristics by Utilising Spontaneous Speech for Unit Selection.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 161K 
[   ]Prediction of Game Behavior Based on Culture Factors.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 403K 
[   ]Prediction of Strategy and Outcome as Negotiation Unfolds by Using Basic Verbal and Behavioral Features.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 326K 
[   ]Prediction of Visual Backchannels in the Absence of Visual Context Using Mutual Influence.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 409K 
[   ]Pregnancy History and Cognition During and After Pregnancy.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 71K 
[   ]Preliminary Exploration of Agent-Human Emotional Contagion via Static Expressions.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 1.2M 
[   ]Privacy Considerations for Public Storytelling.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 254K 
[   ]Probabilistic Plan Inference for Group Behavior Prediction.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 895K 
[   ]Procedural Reconstruction of Simulation Terrain Using Drones.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 946K 
[   ]Producing Usable Simulation Terrain Data from UAS-Collected Imagery.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 739K 
[   ]Prototyping a Light Field Display Involving Direct Observation of a Video Projector Array.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 9.3M 
[   ]Psychophysiology to Assess Impact of Varying Levels of Simulation Fidelity in a Threat Environment.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 274K 
[   ]Pursuing and Demonstrating Understanding in Dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 193K 
[   ]QuBit Documentation.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 535K 
[   ]Quality Enhancement of Low Bit Rate MPEG1-Layer 3 Audio Based on Audio Resynthesis.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 231K 
[   ]Quantitative Comparison of Interaction with Shutter Glasses and Autostereoscopic Displays.pdf2022-09-16 23:51 328K 
[   ]Radiobot-CFF- A Spoken Dialogue System for Military Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 49K 
[   ]Rapid Acquisition of Specular and Diffuse Normal Maps from Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 4.8M 
[   ]Rapid Avatar Capture and Simulation Using Commodity Depth Sensors.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 2.7M 
[   ]Rapid Development of Advanced Question-Answering Characters by Non-experts.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 434K 
[   ]Rapid Development of a Mixed-Media, Deployable Counter-IED Trainer.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 164K 
[   ]Rapidly Deploying Grammar-Based Speech Applications with Active Learning and Back-off Grammars.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 254K 
[   ]Rapport and Facial Expression.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 245K 
[   ]Re-Entry- Online virtual worlds as a healing space for veterans.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 2.8M 
[   ]Reading People’s Minds from Emotion Expressions in Interdependent Decision Making.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 1.3M 
[   ]Real-Time Expressive Gaze Animation for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 318K 
[   ]Real-Time High-Dynamic Range Texture Mapping.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 462K 
[   ]Real-Time and Robust Grasping Detection.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 49K 
[   ]Real-time Speech Motion Synthesis from Recorded Motions.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 880K 
[   ]Real-time expression of affect through respiration.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 219K 
[   ]Real-valued Delayless Subband Affine Projection Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 269K 
[   ]Real Binoculars with Virtual Functions for Mixed Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 3.7M 
[   ]Realistic Avatar Eye and Head Animation Using a Neurobiological Model of Visual Attention.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 2.4M 
[   ]Reasoning about Multiple Plans in Dynamic Multi-agent Domains.pdf2022-09-16 23:49 156K 
[   ]Recognition of Negative Emotions from the Speech Signal.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 177K 
[   ]Recognizing Expressions of Commonsense Psychology in English Text.PDF2022-09-16 23:50 241K 
[   ]Reducing the Cost of Dialogue System Training and Evaluation with Online, Crowd-Sourced Dialogue Data Collection.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 528K 
[   ]Refactoring Facial Expressions-an Automatic Analysis of Natural Occurring Facial.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 1.7M 
[   ]Reflective Tutoring for Immersive Simulation.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 101K 
[   ]Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Party Trading Dialog.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 1.1M 
[   ]Reinforcement Learning of Argumentation Dialogue Policies in Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 150K 
[   ]Reinforcement Learning of Question-Answering Dialogue Policies for Virtual Museum Guides.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 197K 
[   ]Reinforcement Learning of Two-Issue Negotiation Dialogue Policies.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 187K 
[   ]Reinforcement learning for adaptive Theory of Mind in the Sigma cognitive architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 597K 
[   ]Rejection of empathy and its linguistic manifestations.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 334K 
[   ]Rejection of empathy in negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 402K 
[   ]Relative Facial Action Unit Detection.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 817K 
[   ]Reliability-weighted Acoustic Model Adaptation.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 146K 
[   ]Relighting Human Locomotion with Flowed Reflectance Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 7.2M 
[   ]Rendering for an Interactive 360 Light Field Display.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 1.8M 
[   ]Report on a Preliminary Study Using Breath Control and a Virtual Jogging Scenario as Biofeedback for Resilience Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 188K 
[   ]Representations of Dialogue State for Domain and Task Independent Meta-Dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 20M 
[   ]Rethinking Cognitive Architecture via Graphical Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 457K 
[   ]Reverse Appraisal- Inferring from Emotion Displays who is the Cooperator and the Competitor in a Social Dilemma.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 242K 
[   ]Reverse Appraisal- The Importance of Appraisals for the Effect of Emotion DIsplays on Peoples Decision-making in Social Dilemma.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 168K 
[   ]Robust ECG Biometrics by Fusing Temporal and Cepstral Information.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 137K 
[   ]Robust Multimodal Person Recognition Using Low-Complexity Audio-Visual Feature Fusion Approaches.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 305K 
[   ]Robust Word Boundary Detection in Spontaneous Speech using Acoustic and Lexical Clues.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 291K 
[   ]Robustness of Multiple Listener Equalization With Magnitude Response Averaging.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 196K 
[   ]Robustness of Spatial Averaging Equalization Methods- A Statistical Approach.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 173K 
[   ]Robust voice activity detection using long-term signal variability.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 838K 
[   ]Role_of_Context_in_Afective_Behavior.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 2.8M 
[   ]Roundtable- An Online Framework for Building Web-based Conversational Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 6.5M 
[   ]SAIL - Sentiment Analysis using Semantic Similarity and Contrast Features.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 72K 
[   ]SAWDUST - a Semi-Automated Wizard Dialogue Utterance Selection Tool for domain-independent large-domain dialogue.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 192K 
[   ]SIMULATION MEETS HOLLYWOOD- Integrating Graphics, Sound, Story and Character for Immersive Simulation.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 3.1M 
[   ]SPEECH EMOTION ESTIMATION IN 3D SPACE.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 136K 
[   ]SPS_IMSH 2017_Final_Talbot Tokel Leeds Bautista.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 230K 
[   ]STRIVE- Stress Resilience in Virtual Environments- A Pre-Deployment VR System for Training Emotional Coping Skills and Assessing Chronic and Acute Stress Responses.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 120K 
[   ]Sacred_values_and_conflict_over_Irans_nuclear_program.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 141K 
[   ]Saliency-Driven Unstructured Acoustic Scene Classification Using Latent Perceptual Indexing.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 363K 
[   ]Say Anything- A Demonstration of Open Domain Interactive Digital Storytelling.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 137K 
[   ]Say Anything- A Massively collaborative Open Domain Story Writing Companion.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 395K 
[   ]Say Anything- Using Textual Case-Based Reasoning to Enable Open-Domain Interactive Storytelling.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 3.1M 
[   ]Saying YES! The Cross-cultural Complexities of Favors and Trust in Human-Agent Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 1.2M 
[   ]Scalable Solutions for Interactive Virtual Humans that can Manipulate Objects.pdf2022-09-16 23:50 723K 
[   ]Scanning and Printing a 3D Portrait of President Barack Obama.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 793K 
[   ]Search Strategies for Pattern Identification in Multimodal Data Three Case Studies.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 2.3M 
[   ]Selection of Emotionally Salient Audio-Visual Features for Modeling Human Evaluations of Synthetic Character Emotion Displays.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 1.1M 
[   ]Self-Deceptive Decision Making- Normative and Descriptive Insights.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 121K 
[   ]Self-Training without Reranking for Parser Domain Adaptation and Its Impact on Semantic Role Labeling.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 220K 
[   ]Self-reported symptoms of depression and PTSD are associated with reduced vowel space in screening interviews.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 3.0M 
[   ]SemEval-2012 Task 7- Choice of Plausible Alternatives- An Evaluation of Commonsense Causal Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 165K 
[   ]Semantics and Pragmatics of Questions and Answers for Dialogue Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 9.6M 
[   ]Semi-Automatic Surface Scanner for Medical Tangible User Interfaces.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 723K 
[   ]Semi-formal Evaluation of Conversational Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 5.1M 
[   ]Semi-supervised Discriminative Language Modeling for Turkish ASR.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 246K 
[   ]Sequential Emotion Recognition using Latent-Dynamic Conditional Neural Fields.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 520K 
[   ]Sex differences in mental rotation and spatial rotation in a virtual environment.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 172K 
[   ]Sharing Solutions- Persistence and Grounding in Multimodal Collaborative Problem Solving.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 808K 
[   ]Sharing Space in Mixed and Virtual Reality Environments Using a Low-Cost Depth Sensor.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 1.4M 
[   ]Sharing and Stretching Space with Full Body Tracking.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 690K 
[   ]Shift-reduce dependency DAG parsing.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 204K 
[   ]Signature Cluster Model Selection.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 312K 
[   ]SimCoach- An Online Intelligent Virtual Agent System for Breaking Down Barriers to Care for Service Members and Veterans.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 391K 
[   ]SimCoach- an intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 326K 
[   ]SimSensei Demonstration A Perceptive Virtual Human Interviewer for Healthcare Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 254K 
[   ]Simulating Hearing Loss in Virtual Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 3.2M 
[   ]Simulating Spatially Varying Lighting on a Live Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 1.5M 
[   ]Simulation of Small Group Discussions for Middle Level of Detail Crowds.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 4.2M 
[   ]Single-Shot Photometric Stereo by Spectral Multiplexing.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 8.8M 
[   ]Single-Shot Reflectance Measurement from Polarized Color Gradient Illumination.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 2.5M 
[   ]Situated Pedagogical Authoring-Authoring Intelligent.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 541K 
[   ]Skin Microstructure Deformation with Displacement Map Convolution.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 1.9M 
[   ]Skin Stretch - Simulating Dynamic Skin Microgeometry.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 363K 
[   ]Small group discussion simulation for middle Level of Detail Crowds.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 90K 
[   ]SmartBody- Behavior Realization for Embodies Conversational Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 2.7M 
[   ]Smart Mobile Virtual Humans - Chat with Me.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 519K 
[   ]So, which one is it - The effect of alternative incremental architectures in a high-performance game-playing agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 2.3M 
[   ]Social Categorization and Cooperation.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 144K 
[   ]Social Causality and Responsibility- Modeling and Evaluation.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 259K 
[   ]Social Judgment in Multiagent Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 449K 
[   ]Socially Anxious People Reveal More Personal Information with Virtual Counselors That Talk about Themselves using Intimate Human Back Stories.pdf2022-09-16 23:53 363K 
[   ]Socially Optimized Learning in Virtual Environments (SOL VE).pdf2022-09-16 23:52 216K 
[   ]Socially Situated Planning.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 196K 
[   ]Socio-Cultural Modeling through Decision-Theoretic Agents with Theory of Mind.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 92K 
[   ]Sodium Amytal Testing and Language.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 1.0M 
[   ]Sorting Out the Virtual Patient- How to Exploit Artificial Intelligence, Game Technology and Sound Educational Practices to Create Engaging Role-Playing Simulations.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 1.6M 
[   ]Spatial Misregistration of Virtual Human Audio- Implications of the Precedence Effect.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 716K 
[   ]Speaker-adaptive multimodal prediction model for listener responses.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 501K 
[   ]Speaker Trait Characterization in Web Videos- Uniting Speech, Language, and Facial Features.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 194K 
[   ]Speaker Verification using Sparse Representations on Total Variability I-Vectors.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 274K 
[   ]Speaker and Language Independent Voice Quality Classification Applied to Unlabeled Corpora of Expressive Speech.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 407K 
[   ]Speculations on Leveraging Graphical Models for Architectural Integration of Visual Representation and Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 128K 
[   ]Speech Input from Older Users in Smart Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 105K 
[   ]Step-wise Emotion Recognition using Concatenated-HMM.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 907K 
[   ]Steve Goes to Bosnia- Towards a New Generation of Virtual Humans for Interactive Experiences.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 6.0M 
[   ]Story Management Technologies for Organizational Learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 603K 
[   ]StoryUpgrade- Finding Stories in Internet Weblogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 125K 
[   ]Story based Learning Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:52 102K 
[   ]Storytelling with Storyteller Agents in Second Life.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 7.2M 
[   ]Strategies in Analogous Planning Cases.PDF2022-09-16 23:54 37K 
[   ]Stress resilience in virtual environments- training combat relevant emotional coping skills using virtual reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 296K 
[   ]Stroke Experiences in Weblogs - A Feasibility Study of Sex Differences.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 262K 
[   ]Structural and Temporal Inference Search (STIS)- Pattern Identification in Multimodal Data.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 950K 
[   ]SubEdit- A Representation for Editing Measured Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 3.7M 
[   ]Subjective Optimization.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 184K 
[   ]Subjective Perceptions in Wartime Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 259K 
[   ]Supporting Musical Creativity With Unsupervised Syntactic Parsing.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 393K 
[   ]Supraarchitectural Capability Integration - From Soar to Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 119K 
[   ]Surface Text based Dialogue Models for Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 410K 
[   ]Surrounded by Sound- Acquisition and Rendering Methods for Immersive Audio.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 282K 
[   ]THE REAL CHALLENGE 2014-PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 93K 
[   ]Tackling Benchmark Problems of Commonsense Reasoning.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 395K 
[   ]Talking to Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 359K 
[   ]Teaching Negotiation Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 825K 
[   ]Tears_and_Fears-_Modeling_emotions_and_emotional_behaviors_in_synthetic_agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 152K 
[   ]Tears and Fears- Modeling emotions and emotional behaviors in synthetic agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 265K 
[   ]Technical Details of a Domain-independent Framework for Modeling Emotion.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 177K 
[   ]Technologies and the development of the Automated Metadata Indexing and Analysis (AMIA) system.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 1.4M 
[   ]Temporal Upsampling of Performance Geometry Using Photometric Alignment.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 17M 
[   ]Ten Challenges in Highly-Interactive Dialog Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 90K 
[   ]The Appraisal Equivalence Hypothesis-Verifying the domain-independence of a computational model of emotion dynamics.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 1.6M 
[   ]The Architectural Role of Emotion in Cognitive Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 269K 
[   ]The Association of In-World Avatar Investment with Expectations of Behavioral Change.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 290K 
[   ]The BladeMistress Corpus- From Talk to Action in Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 656K 
[   ]The Case for Physics Visualization in an Animator's Toolset.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 3.5M 
[   ]The Cultural Influence Model- When Accented Natural Language Spoken by Virtual Characters Matters.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 2.8M 
[   ]The Deep Lexical Semantics of Emotions.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 111K 
[   ]The Deep Lexical Semantics of Emotions Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis- Emotion Metaphor and Terminology.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 79K 
[   ]The Distress Analysis Interview Corpus of human and computer interviews.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 843K 
[   ]The Effect of Affect- Modeling the Impact of Emotional State on the Behavior of Interactive Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 194K 
[   ]The Effect of Affective Iconic Realism on Anonymous Interactants’ Self-Disclosure.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 159K 
[   ]The Effect of Agency on the Impact of Emotion Expressions on People’s Decision Making.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 346K 
[   ]The Effect of Avatar Realism of Virtual Humans on Self-Disclosure in Anonymous Social Interactions.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 178K 
[   ]The Effect of Color on Expression of Joy and Sadness in Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 3.4M 
[   ]The Effect of Expression of Anger and Happiness in Computer Agents on Negotiations with Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 277K 
[   ]The Effect of Fuzzy Training Targets on Voice Quality Classification.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 487K 
[   ]The Effect of Virtual Agents Emotion Displays and Appraisals on Peoples Decision Making in Negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 286K 
[   ]The Effects of Pre-task Team Collaboration on Facial Expression and Speech Entrainment.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 306K 
[   ]The Effects of a Pedagogical Agent for Informal Science Education on Learner Behaviors and Self-efficacy.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 446K 
[   ]The Error Is the Clue- Breakdown In Human-Machine Interaction.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 353K 
[   ]The Evolution of Assessment- Learning about Culture from a Serious Game.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 91K 
[   ]The Fictionalization of Lessons Learned.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 502K 
[   ]The Fidelity of Feel- Emotional Affordance in Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 3.0M 
[   ]The Gestalt of Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 912K 
[   ]The Healing Potential of Online Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 6.2M 
[   ]The Hegemony of Play.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 749K 
[   ]The Impact of Emotion Displays in Embodied Agents on Emergence of Cooperation with People.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 266K 
[   ]The Importance of Cognition and Affect for Artificially Intelligent Decision Makers.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 538K 
[   ]The Influence of Emotions in Embodied Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 372K 
[   ]The Influence of Virtual Agents’ Gender and Rapport on Enhancing Math Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 386K 
[   ]The Influence of Virtual Agents Gender and Rapport on Enhancing Math Performance.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 386K 
[   ]The Information State Approach to Dialogue Management.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 411K 
[   ]The Isolated Practitioner.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 84K 
[   ]The Light Stages and Their Applications to Photoreal Digital Actors.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 5.7M 
[   ]The MATCH corpus- a corpus of older and younger users’ interactions with spoken dialogue systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 500K 
[   ]The MMPI-2 Fake Bad Scale- Concordance and Specificity of True and Estimated Scores.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 66K 
[   ]The More the Merrier- Multi-Party Negotiation with Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 208K 
[   ]The MxR Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 12M 
[   ]The Performance of the Self and Its Effect on Presence in Virtual Worlds.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 133K 
[   ]The Politeness Effect.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 177K 
[   ]The Potential of Virtual Reality and Gaming to Assist Successful Aging with Disability.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 679K 
[   ]The Representational Requirements of Strategic Planning.PDF2022-09-16 23:56 35K 
[   ]The Representation of Planning Strategies.PDF2022-09-16 23:56 327K 
[   ]The Rickel Gaze Model- A Window on the Mind of a Virtual Human.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 952K 
[   ]The SAIL Speaker Diarization System for Analysis of Spontaneous Meetings.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 382K 
[   ]The Sciences of the Artificial Emotions- Commentary on Aylett and Paiva.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 125K 
[   ]The Sigma cognitive architecture and system.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 365K 
[   ]The Social Credit Assignment Problem-Extended Version.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 481K 
[   ]The Social Credit Assignment Problem.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 178K 
[   ]The Subtlety of Sound - Accent as a Marker for Culture.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 641K 
[   ]The Theory of Mind in Strategy Representations.PDF2022-09-16 23:55 156K 
[   ]The Transonics Spoken Dialogue Translator- An aid for English-Persian Doctor-Patient interviews.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 465K 
[   ]The Twins Corpus of Museum Visitor Questions.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 530K 
[   ]The USC CARE Corpus.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 209K 
[   ]The UTEP-ICT Cross-Cultural Multiparty Multimodal Dialog Corpus.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 1.1M 
[   ]The Virtuality Continuum Revisited.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 133K 
[   ]The_Architectural_Role_of_Emotion_in_Cognitive_Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 269K 
[   ]The_Expressive_Gaze_Model.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 3.1M 
[   ]The_USC_CreativeIT_Database.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 962K 
[   ]The_uses_of_digital_enchantment.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 209K 
[   ]The costs and benefits of providing feedback during learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 93K 
[   ]The effects of virtual agent humor and gaze behavior on human-virtual agent proxemics.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 95K 
[   ]The impact of avatar realism and anonymity on effective communication via mobile devices.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 1.1M 
[   ]The influence of emotion expression on perceptions of trustworthiness in negotiation.pdf2022-09-16 23:54 646K 
[   ]The prevalence and incidence of neurocognitive impairment in the HAART era.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 134K 
[   ]The role of the internet in reconfiguring marriages- a cross-national study.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 295K 
[   ]These Are Ours.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 315K 
[   ]Thoughts on FML.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 406K 
[   ]Threats to the Livelihood of the Forensic Neuropsychological Practice- Avoiding Ethical Misconduct.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 75K 
[   ]Thumbs.db2022-09-16 23:55 9.0K 
[   ]Time-Offset Interaction with a Holocaust Survivor.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 706K 
[   ]Timed Gait Test- Normative Data for the Assessment of the AIDS Dementia Complex.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 125K 
[   ]To tweet or not to tweet -The question of emotion and excitement about sporting events.pdf2022-09-16 23:55 177K 
[   ]Tough Love Between Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment.PDF2022-09-16 23:55 150K 
[   ]Toward Automatic Verification of Multiagent Systems for Training Simulations.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 294K 
[   ]Toward Crowdsourcing Micro-Level Behavior Annotations - The Challenges of Interface, Training, and Generalization.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 1.5M 
[   ]Toward Detecting Emotions in Spoken Dialogs.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 771K 
[   ]Toward Learning and Evaluation of Dialogue Policies with Text Examples.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 154K 
[   ]Toward Natural Turn-Taking in a Virtual Human Negotiation Agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 3.6M 
[   ]Toward Question Answering for Simulations.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 220K 
[   ]Toward Rapid Development of Multi-Party Virtual Human Negotiation Scenarios.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 439K 
[   ]Toward Virtual Humans.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 478K 
[   ]Toward a Large-scale Formal Theory of Commonsense Psychology for Metacognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 741K 
[   ]Toward a Model for Incremental Grounding in Spoken Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 196K 
[   ]Toward a New Generation of Virtual Humans for Interactive Experiences.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 1.8M 
[   ]Towards Adaptive, Interactive Virtual Humans in Sigma.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 443K 
[   ]Towards Cloth-Manipulating Characters.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 162K 
[   ]Towards Emotion in Sigma - From Appraisal to Attention.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 411K 
[   ]Towards Higher Quality Character Performance in Previz.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 784K 
[   ]Towards Learning Nonverbal Identities from the Web - Automatically Identifying Visually-Accentuated Words.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 829K 
[   ]Towards More Comprehensive Listening Behavior- Beyond the Bobble Head.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 844K 
[   ]Towards Multimodal Sentiment Analysis- Harvesting Opinions from The Web.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 216K 
[   ]Towards Natural Language Understanding of Partial Speech Recognition Results in Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 109K 
[   ]Towards Pervasive Physical Rehabilitation Using Microsoft Kinect.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 717K 
[   ]Towards Speaker Adaptation for Dialogue Act Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 111K 
[   ]Towards Uniform Implementation of Architectural Diversity.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 129K 
[   ]Towards a 50 msec Cognitive Cycle in a Graphical Architecture.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 549K 
[   ]Towards a Common Framework for Multimodal Generation- The Behavior Markup Language.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 507K 
[   ]Towards a Conceptual Framework for Digital Humanities.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 395K 
[   ]Towards a New Cognitive Hourglass.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 377K 
[   ]Towards a Validated Model of Emotional Intelligence.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 167K 
[   ]Towards an Affective Interface for Assessment of Psychological Distress.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 764K 
[   ]Towards an Automated Pipeline for the Translation and Optimization of Geospatial Data for Virtual Environments.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 1.8M 
[   ]Towards building a Virtual Counselor- Modeling Nonverbal Behavior during Intimate Self-Disclosure.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 544K 
[   ]Towards functionally elegant grand unified architectures.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 157K 
[   ]Towards modeling user behavior in interactions mediated through an automated bidirectional speech translation system.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 1.0M 
[   ]Towards natural language understanding of partial speech recognition results in dialog systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 109K 
[   ]Towards real time authoring of believable agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 346K 
[   ]Towards sensing the influence of visual narratives on human affect.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 3.1M 
[   ]Toward the Holodeck- Integrating Graphics, Sound, Character and Story.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 649K 
[   ]Tracking Dragon-Hunters with Language Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 434K 
[   ]Training Agents by Crowds.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 73K 
[   ]Training Effects for First-responder Competency in Cholinergic Crisis Management.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 7.9M 
[   ]Transonics- A Practical Speech-to-Speech Translator for English-Farsi Medical Dialogues.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 347K 
[   ]Triangle Charades - A Data-Collection Game for Recognizing Actions in Motion Trajectories.PDF2022-09-16 23:57 334K 
[   ]True Emotion vs Social Intentions in Nonverbal Communication- Towards a Synthesis for Embodied Conversational Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 260K 
[   ]Turn-taking patterns in self-disclosure interactions with Virtual Agents.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 260K 
[   ]UBM Fused Total Variability Modeling for Language Identification.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 255K 
[   ]Ubiquity symposium - The science in computer science - the computing sciences and STEM education.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 512K 
[   ]Understanding the Nonverbal Behavior of Socially Anxious People during Intimate Self-disclosure.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 265K 
[   ]Unobtrusive Measurement of Subtle Nonverbal Behaviors with the Microsoft Kinect.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 926K 
[   ]Unsuccessful retrieval attempts enhance subsequent learning.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 197K 
[   ]Unsupervised Learning for Speech Motion Editing.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 794K 
[   ]Unsupervised Speaker Diarization Using Riemannian Manifold Clustering.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 287K 
[   ]Unsupervised Speaker Indexing Using Generic Models.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 430K 
[   ]UrbanSim- A Game-based Simulation for Counterinsurgency and Stability-focused Operations.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 298K 
[   ]UrbanSim- A game-based instructional package for conducting counterinsurgency operations.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 122K 
[   ]UrbanSim- Training Adaptable Leaders in the Art of Battle Command.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 227K 
[   ]UrbanSim - Using Social Simulation to Train for Stability Operations.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 596K 
[   ]Use of Immersive Virtual Reality for Treating Anger.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 294K 
[   ]Use of Model Transformations for Distributed Speech Recognition.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 1.2M 
[   ]Use of a Virtual Standardized Patients for Facilitating Conversational Medical Interview.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 322K 
[   ]User-State Sensing for Virtual Health Agents and TeleHealth Applications.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 252K 
[   ]User-centered design driven development of a virtual reality therapy application for Iraq war combat-related post traumatic stress disorder.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 541K 
[   ]User-centered virtual environment design for virtual rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 716K 
[   ]User Centered Design and Development of a Game for Exercise in Older Adults.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 1.0M 
[   ]Users’ Socially Desirable Responding with Computer Interviewers.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 152K 
[   ]Using Accent to Induce Cultural Frame-Switching.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 300K 
[   ]Using Environmental Annotations & Affordances to Model Culture.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 51K 
[   ]Using Information State to Improve Dialogue Move Identification in a Spoken Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 123K 
[   ]Using Integer Linear Programming for Detecting Speech Disfluencies.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 123K 
[   ]Using Virtual Confederates to Research Intergroup Bias and Conflict.pdf2023-05-21 14:30 835K 
[   ]Using Virtual Reality Driving Simulators in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury- Three screen display versus head mounted display.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 760K 
[   ]Using Virtual Reality as Part of an Intensive Treatment Program for PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 265K 
[   ]Using Virtual Reality for Clinical Assessment and Intervention.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 3.8M 
[   ]Using Virtual World Activities for Amputee Rehabilitation.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 1.1M 
[   ]Using_Written_and_Behavioral_Data.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 282K 
[   ]Using the Phantogram Technique for a Collaborative Stereoscopic Multitouch Tabletop Game.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 3.3M 
[   ]Using virtual confederates to research intergroup bias and conflict.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 71K 
[   ]Using virtual tour behavior to build dialogue models for training review.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 127K 
[   ]Utterance-Level Multimodal Sentiment Analysis.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 266K 
[   ]VR Enhanced Upper Extremity Motor Training for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation- Task Design, Clinical Experiment and Visualization on Performance and Progress.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 607K 
[   ]VR PTSD Exposure Therapy Results with Active Duty OIF OEF Combatants.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 405K 
[   ]Validation of the Cognitive Assessment of Later Life Status (CALLS) instrument- a computerized telephonic measure.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 308K 
[   ]Variational Hidden Conditional Random Fields with Coupled Dirichlet Process Mixtures.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 699K 
[   ]Varying Personality in Spoken Dialogue with a Virtual Human.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 267K 
[   ]Verbal Behaviors and Persuasiveness in Online Multimedia Content.PDF2022-09-16 23:57 298K 
[   ]Verbal Behaviors and Persuasiveness in Online Multimedia Content.pdf2023-05-21 14:29 835K 
[   ]Verbal Memory Retrieval Deficits Associated With Untreated Hypothyroidism.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 124K 
[   ]Verbal fluency in HIV infection- A meta-analytic review.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 144K 
[   ]Verbal indicators of psychological distress in interactive dialogue with a virtual human.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 896K 
[   ]Viability of a Simple Dialogue Act Scheme for a Tactical Questioning Dialogue System.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 243K 
[   ]Videogame play and the effectiveness of virtual environments for training.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 371K 
[   ]Virtual Character Performance From Speech.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 1.7M 
[   ]Virtual Child Witness Effects of single and multiple use on performance with Novice and Expert cohorts in a structured virtual human interview.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 310K 
[   ]Virtual Cinematography- Relighting through Computation.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 1.1M 
[   ]Virtual Coaches over Mobile Video.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 136K 
[   ]Virtual Environment for Assessment of Neurocognitive Functioning- Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 70K 
[   ]Virtual Headcam - Pantilt Mirror-based Facial Performance Tracking.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 3.4M 
[   ]Virtual Human Patients for Training of Clinical Interview and Communication Skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 447K 
[   ]Virtual Humans- A New Toolkit for Cognitive Science Research.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 156K 
[   ]Virtual Humans as Participants vs Virtual Humans as Actors.PDF2022-09-16 23:57 275K 
[   ]Virtual Humans for Assisted Health Care.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 207K 
[   ]Virtual Humans for non-team interaction training.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 134K 
[   ]Virtual Humans in the Mission Rehearsal Exercise System.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 3.1M 
[   ]Virtual Humans with Secrets- Learning to Detect Verbal Cues to Deception.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 595K 
[   ]Virtual Iraq- Initial Case Reports from a VR Exposure Therapy Application for Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 443K 
[   ]Virtual Iraq- Initial Results from a VR Exposure Therapy Application for Combat-Related PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 810K 
[   ]Virtual Iraq_Initial Results from a VR Exposure Therapy Application for Combat-Related PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 847K 
[   ]Virtual Justina- A PTSD Virtual Patient for Clinical Classroom Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 190K 
[   ]Virtual Learning Environments for Culture and Intercultural Competence.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 286K 
[   ]Virtual Museum Guides Demonstration.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 187K 
[   ]Virtual Patients for Clinical Therapist Skills Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 364K 
[   ]Virtual Patients for Future Leaders.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 417K 
[   ]Virtual Patients for Virtual Sick Call Medical Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 1.1M 
[   ]Virtual Rapport.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 256K 
[   ]Virtual Rapport 2.0.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 350K 
[   ]Virtual Reality.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 199K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Applications to Address the Wounds of War.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 1.3M 
[   ]Virtual Reality Assessment of Cognitive Functions.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 257K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 206K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy- A Treatment Manual for Combat Related PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 450K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Anxiety Disorders.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 279K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Treating Combat-Related PTSD.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 279K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Exposure for PTSD Due to Military Combat and Terrorist Attacks.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 307K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Goes to War.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 177K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Paced Serial Assessment Test for Neuropsychological Assessment of a Military Cohort.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 182K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Stroop Task for Neurocognitive Assessment.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 135K 
[   ]Virtual Reality Technologies for Research and Education in Obesity and Diabetes.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 1.1M 
[   ]Virtual Reality and Interactive Digital Game Technology- New Tools to Address Obesity and Diabetes.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 563K 
[   ]Virtual Reality as a Tool for Delivering PTSD Exposure Therapy.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 1.2M 
[   ]Virtual Reality as a Tool for Delivering PTSD Exposure Therapy and Stress Resilience Training.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 280K 
[   ]Virtual Simulations and the Second Life Metaverse.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 385K 
[   ]Virtual Suspect William.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 398K 
[   ]Virtual Worlds and Avatars as the New Frontier of Telehealth Care.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 150K 
[   ]Virtual Worlds as a Healing Modality for Returning Soldiers and Veterans.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 543K 
[   ]Virtual humans elicit socially anxious interactants’ verbal self-disclosure.pdf2022-09-16 23:57 245K 
[   ]Virtual reality in paediatric rehabilitation- A review.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 176K 
[   ]Visual Emotion Recognition Using Compact Facial Representations and Viseme Information.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 232K 
[   ]Visuospatial Processing and Learning Effects in Virtual Reality Based Mental Rotation and Navigational Tasks.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 131K 
[   ]W11-2030.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 114K 
[   ]Warriors’_Journey-_A_Path_to_Healing_through_Narrative_Exploration.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 2.6M 
[   ]What Can Your Avatar Tell the Doctor.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 197K 
[   ]What would you ask a conversational agent.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 396K 
[   ]When and Why a Failed Test Potentiates the Effectiveness of Subsequent Study.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 113K 
[   ]When the going gets tough-Grit predicts costly perseverance.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 627K 
[   ]Which ASR should I choose for my dialogue system.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 142K 
[   ]Which Synthetic Voice Should I Choose for an Evocative Task.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 155K 
[   ]Who is persuasive - the role of perceived personality and communication modality in social multimedia.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 495K 
[   ]Whos there? Can a Virtual Agent Really Elicit Social Presence?.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 241K 
[   ]Why You Should Buy an Emotional Planner.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 228K 
[   ]Wishful_thinking_extended_abstract.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 771K 
[   ]Yeah Right- Sarcasm Recognition for Spoken Dialogue Systems.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 242K 
[   ]You made me do it.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 497K 
[   ]ada and grace.pdf2022-09-16 23:21 433K 
[   ]assessing leraning from a mixedmedia mobile counter ied trainer.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 679K 
[   ]automatic pronunciation verification.pdf2022-09-16 23:22 178K 
[   ]how long can you look away from a target.pdf2022-09-16 23:36 129K 
[   ]incorporating discourse context in spoken language translation.pdf2022-09-16 23:37 234K 
[   ]index.html?C=D;O=A2023-05-21 13:49 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=D;O=D2023-05-21 14:19 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=M;O=A2023-05-21 13:49 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=M;O=D2023-05-21 14:19 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=N;O=A2023-05-21 14:19 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=N;O=D2023-05-21 13:49 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=S;O=A2023-05-21 13:49 412K 
[   ]index.html?C=S;O=D2023-05-21 14:19 412K 
[   ]interpersonal and leadership skills.pdf2022-09-16 23:38 467K 
[   ]learning a model of speaker head nods.pdf2022-09-16 23:40 194K 
[   ]multi-view latent variable.pdf2022-09-16 23:48 2.9M 
[   ]towards an iso standard.pdf2022-09-16 23:56 187K 
[   ]whosthere.pdf2022-09-16 23:58 241K